Benefits Don’t Accrue or Update After a Payroll has Been Posted

  • If the benefits don’t accrue or update after a payroll has been posted, record the following information to troubleshoot.
  • The employee’s name.
  • The employee’s start date.
  • The posted date of the payroll batch in which benefits did not accrue properly.
  • Run the Time Sheet for Labor History report for the employee(s).

Items to Check

  • Has the payroll batch actually been posted or is it still in ‘Built’ status?
  • Benefit accruals and balances are not calculated until a payroll batch has been posted.
  • Does the employee have time posted against a pay code that accrues benefit?
    reference the Time Sheet for Labor history.

Items to Check: Employee Setup.  Check in Employee Setup | Benefits tab.

  • Is the employee enrolled in a benefit plan?
  • Review the items in the top grid. These are the plans the employee is enrolled in. There can be a maximum of two
    The employee can only have one Vacation and one Sick Benefit type.
    If so, make a note of which plan(s).
  • Is the effective date for the employee benefit the same as or prior to the payroll posting date?
  • Is there a probationary period for the benefit?
    If so, is the posting date of the payroll batch on or after the effective date + the number of days in the probationary period?
  • Is the employee’s anniversary date a date in the future?
    If not, benefit accrual is likely to be consistently inaccurate.
  • Is the ‘Clear on anniversary’ option checked?
    If so, did the employee recently celebrate their anniversary?
    Items to Check: Benefits

Review setup in Tools | Lookups | Benefits and selecting the plan in which the employee is enrolled.

  • For all of the benefit plans offered by the agency, on the Benefit Years tab, is the earned value for any year level empty/null?
  • Is the option to ‘Track benefit balance’ checked?
  • Is the option to ‘Apply accrued hours to pending balance’ checked?
    If so, the benefit hours earned in the prior payroll are added to the ‘Pending balance’ under the employee’s name and will not be available until they celebrate their next anniversary.
  • Is the benefit of the right type?
    If, for example, a sick benefit is listed as a vacation, jobs using the Sick calculation m/ benefit type will not be logged against that benefit.
  • On the Benefit Years tab for the benefit in question:
    Is there are Years Employed value that coincides with the employee’s length of service at the agency?
    NOTE: An employee’s length of service is based on their Effective Date on the Benefits tab.
    Is there a Max Hours value for the benefit?
    If so, did the employee reach this cap limit prior to or as a result of the recent payroll post?
    The Max hours cap prevents an employee from carrying more than the maximum listed number of hours of the benefit at any time. Hours exceeding the cap are not banked for future use – they are discarded completely.
  • Is there a Max carry forward hours value for the benefit?
    If so, did the employee celebrate his/her anniversary during the most recent payroll?
    If so, did the employee have more hours to carry over on their anniversary than they were allowed?
    The Max carry forward cap prevents an employee from rolling hours over, on their anniversary, in excess of the value listed. Hours exceeding the cap are not banked for future use – they are discarded completely.
    If the benefit calc type is Anniversary, did the employee celebrate their anniversary (month and day) during the prior pay period?
    If the benefit calc type is Flat, did the employee have at least one time record for a benefits-eligible job step* during the most recently posted payroll cycle?
    If the benefit calc type is Percentage, how many hours did the employee have in benefits-eligible job steps* during the most recently posted payroll cycle?
    Review Jobs worked using Time Sheet for Labor History Report, Check the Pay codes on the jobs and review Tools | Lookups | Pay Codes to see if Apply to Benefit is selected on Pay Code(s)
    * = A ‘benefits-eligible’ job step is one in which the pay code for the job step has its ‘Apply to Benefit’ option checked.
    Additional Comments
    If an incorrect balance is showing for an employee you will need to make a Benefit Adjustment. To adjust:

From the Navigator, select Employee Setup
Select Employee
Select Benefits Tab
Select Benefit Adjustment from right panel.
Enter the entire balance the employee should have. for example if they are displaying 20 hours but should have 30 hours, enter 30;00 or 30.00 in the Benefit

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