Error: Client Payroll Calculator Export to QuickBooks – Duplicate people in QuickBooks

Why did this happen?

The employee’s name in Client Payroll Calculator has a space at the beginning or end of one of the name fields.  Ex.  John_ Q Smith vs. John Q Smith The ‘_’ being the extra space.  

When the names were imported from CPC, the space was dropped.  When file imported, it did NOT drop the space and looks for employees with a space at the end of the first name. 

When it could not find an exact match (one with a space at the end of the name), it created a new employee, one with a space at the end of the first name. 

Now there are two, one with a space and one without.  This kept the employee and payroll items information connected to one employee and the time records information with the other.


To correct the issue, edit the employee record in QuickBooks by going into the blank SSN employee and deleting the space at the end of the first name. 

When you click OK, QuickBooks asks if you would like to merge the two records.  Click ‘Yes’ and they will merge correctly. 

If this didn’t work, the only solution would be to delete the time records out of the blank SSN employee and re-enter them under the record with the SSN, then delete the blank SSN person from QuickBooks.


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