Fonality HUD Web/Zoom Meetings

Vertex has a single user setup for Video Collaboration and this document explains how to access and use it for scheduled meetings. Click item below to jump to a section:

Schedule a Meeting

  • Go to the HUD Web for Fonality website for Vertex by clicking here
  • Sign in using the “Vertex Video Collaboration” user Login:
    User Name:
    Password:  V3rt3x440!
  • Click on the Camera Icon at the top of the page: 

    fonality camera icon

This opens the Fonality Video Collaboration Tool where you can Schedule Meetings. To see meeting times already schedule, click on the Meetings Tab:

fonality meetings tab

Once you have decided when to schedule your meeting, go to the Home tab and click on the Schedule Meeting button.

fonality schedule meeting button

The window below will pop up. Enter meeting details. Click the “enable join before host” if you want attendees to be able to enter the meeting room before the host has arrived. Click Schedule Meeting.

fonality schedule meeting data

You will now see the window below. Copy and paste the invitation text into an Outlook calendar meeting invite or into an email. Edit details as desire.

fonality scheduled meeting

Start Scheduled Meeting as Host

  • Log in to the HUD Web as described at the beginning of this document.
  • Click on the Meetings tab.
  • Find your meeting and press Start to open the Zoom Meeting. Zoom may need to download an .exe file. If you already have the application, a Zoom window will ask you to open the application.
  • Join the meeting using computer audio or by phone. Use the phone number and meeting ID that was copied into the meeting invite.
  • More specific images/explanations on how Zoom meetings load on a computer are in the section below titled “Assisting Customers with Zoom”

Zoom Info for Host

 Once you are in the ZOOM meeting, you can see the Meeting Management Toolbar at the bottom of the screen as shown below. If you don’t see it, move your mouse.

zoom toolbar

The Participants and Chat icons are toggles, click them to open, click again to remove from view. The invite button lets you send an invite after your meeting has already started. You can share screens in a variety of ways (ex: by monitor, by applications, etc.) and request mouse control as well.

Make another zoom attendee host by clicking the Participants icon and using the dropdown next to a name and select Make Host:

zoom make host

Assisting Customers With Zoom

Here is what Zoom may look like from the customer side. Once they open the calendar event or email and go to the zoom link, they may need to download the zoom.exe file. On Chrome it looks like this:

zoom meeting file download

After it downloads, the window below will open and they can enter a name and then click Join Meeting:

zoom enter name

Once Zoom is used on a computer and the file remains, the next time they join a session, it does not download, and they should see this instead:

open zoom

Another window will open up to join the meeting using computer audio or by phone. Use the phone number and meeting ID that was copied into the meeting invite.

Customer Screen Share/Remote Access

The Share Screen button displays in green for all Zoom users:

zoom toolbar share screen

Once customers share their screen, the host can then request remote control using View Options dropdown:

zoom view options dropdown

The window below will open asking the host to verify:

zoom host verify

The Customer then sees this:

zoom customer verify


At any time, the customer can stop sharing their screen:

zoom customer stop share

The host can use the View Options Dropdown to “Give up remote control”

zoom give up remote control



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