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For more than two decades, we have heard repeatedly: problems arise when multiple systems “don’t talk to each other.” Sound familiar?

Imagine a single point, tablet-assisted way to access a consumer’s entire file, document attendance including community and facility activities, and record piece counts. Imagine staff time integrated with service billing so that it fluidly calculates intensity ratios and determines the correct reimbursement rates. Vertex Case Management & Billing tracks this information in order to maximize your agency’s billable hours for services. Imagine the entire service-to-documentation-to-billing cycle – all connected and available on any computer or mobile device.

Eliminate paperwork and improve communications

Vertex Case Manager & Billing is the core of our system – one digital toolkit that can eliminate paperwork – leaving you more time to work with people.  Users can view a consumer’s individual plans, document program services and make progress notes. Documentation is conveyed to the billing staff for EDI claim submission. Billing transactions are integrated with Vertex Financials & Payroll to keep accounts receivable aging and general ledger entries current.

Improve communication with real-time access to: consumer history, individual program plans, consumer progress documentation, program session scheduling, goals & outcomes analysis. Manage service utilization by delivering only authorized services, see deviation reports of scheduled vs. actual service delivery – in real time. Eliminate end-of-month rush to squeeze in billable services – Vertex Case Management & Billing gives staff visibility throughout the approval period.

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Vertex Time & Attendance ties together scheduling, attendance and piece rate calculations to increase accuracy in payroll calculation while eliminating manual tabulation. One integrated system helps users by automating scheduling, tracking and reporting digital time cards for staff and consumers.

Automation reduces the complexity of schedule and time off benefits including: leave requests, schedule changes, benefit balances, and earnings calculations with multiple pay rates. Staff can record time in/time out with any mobile device, fostering accountability with secure biometric clocks and geo-fencing. Graphical clocks empower higher functioning clients to log in and out.

Using a PC or our touch-enabled mobile interface, Vertex Time & Attendance tabulates piece counts where the work is performed on the production floor and seamlessly calculates DOL-compliant pay rates.

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Increase accuracy and efficiency

Keep track of everything in one place

Vertex Financials & Payroll is a complete accounting financial management. Built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and fully integrated with the entire Vertex suite, our Enterprise Resource Planning solution delivers accounting and financial management tools in two packages:

Key accounting features include: General Ledger/fixed assets, purchasing, invoicing, financial statements, allocation of expenses to unlimited accounts. Budgeting can address multiple annual periods based on source of revenue or program activity.

Payroll functions include tax reporting, payment of liabilities in A/P automatically, gross-to-net calculations, automatic allocation of labor expense and employer liabilities to unlimited accounts and check processing or ACH deposit.

HR features deliver applicant tracking, ACA and EEO reporting, certification and licensure tracking, and management of agency property issued to employees.

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Vertex Production Management supports rehab and vocational programs with prime and sub-contract assembly and manufacturing services. Job costing and profitability can be reported by contact person, product, and customer – know where you stand daily.

Inventory features give you control of raw material, consigned inventory, work in progress, and finished goods.

Customer Relationship Manager and order management assures meeting customer delivery dates including production management, shipping documentation and EDI invoicing for products delivered.

Count on complete and real-time integration with Vertex Financials & Payroll for up-to-date reporting of financial performance.

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Ensure profitable production with real time visibility