Case Management & Billing

Reduce staff work. Increase services revenue.

Intuition Makes Case Management Easy

Intuition Case Management solves the problem of paper case files through our easy-to-use mobile technology- resulting in fewer mistakes, clearer communication, higher efficiency and increased levels of service to the individual.

Intuition Case Management is Optimized for Mobile Users

Intuition is mobile optimized for tablets and smartphones- making it easy to capture important point-of-service information. Intuition will even remind providers to complete missing or incomplete documentation. You’ve never documented so easily! 


Want to Learn More?

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Intuition Case Management is Efficient and Effective

Previous to the implementation of Intuition Case Management, many customers express frustration over time wasted on tracking down incomplete, or missing, case notes from front-line providers..

Once customers learn how easily their staff can provide complete and accurate case documentation, the decision to use Intuition is an easy one.

See What Others are Saying:

“With Vertex, we saved time by reducing our time entry process by 40%. We saved money by eliminating one staff person who was dedicated to time entry. We quickly produce easy-to-read and understandable reports that prove our compliance.”

– Mary Rose Sudbeck – Nemaha County Training Center

“Vertex has taken the most complex and time-consuming operation we do and reduced and simplified it far more than I could have ever imagined.”

– Graham Gill, Executive Director – Programs Employing People

Intuition Saves You Time and Money

Intuition Case Management is designed to be more than simply “cost effective.” Our software is developed to help you be more efficient and increase your current level of service. Many of the hours that our customers used to spend finding and correcting information is now spent delivering more services and increasing top line revenue. Intuition is so effective and efficient that several customers have recouped their investment in as little as six months.

How Does Intuition Service Billing Help Rehab Agencies?

Intuition Service Billing solves the problem of under and over utilization of authorized services by providing daily feedback for services delivered against services authorized for each client. This information enables rehabilitation agency staff to make agile, informed decisions on exactly where to provide more or less service. The result? Rehab agencies can stop leaving money on the table, stop delivering unreimbursed services, and start increasing top-line units-of-service revenue by up to 5%.

3 Key Benefits of Intuition Service Billing

1. Increased Top Line Revenue

Intuition helps you deliver and bill for all authorized services. Conversely, Intuition will prevent agencies from delivering services for which they will not be reimbursed.

2. Reduced Administrative Cost

Intuition eliminates up to 70% of staff hours traditionally spent checking documentation, managing authorizations, preparing billing, rebilling, and applying payments.

3. Greater Control of Information

The Intuition system establishes a direct relationship between direct services and billing activities through our cloud-based technology. Because accounting staff and DSPs rely on a single, transparent information system, there are fewer errors in communication, and less time wasted on reporting.

Intuition Service Billing has Proven Results

Intuition Service Billing produces positive results:

“We can now see what the over or under delivered services are and make adjustments to correct. We went from writing off up to $6,000 per month to $1,000 per month and we’re working to improve even more.”

– Greg Murray, Abilities Services

Intuition Service Billing FAQ

Our utilization rate for authorized services is better than ever because staff keeps track of delivered vs billed. Can Vertex still increase our reimbursements?

Even the most diligent manual methods and general billing solutions have limitations. Without a proven industry specific solution, rehab agencies lose valuable time- time that could be used to provide more services. At Vertex Systems, we help rehab agencies increase top line revenue by 2-5% by overcoming the limitations of manual entry and general billing solutions. How? Intuition Service Billing automatically tracks daily service delivery and does not require administrative staff to provide daily feedback on utilization. Utilization information updates daily and allows management to easily decide where to provide services and gain the higher utilization rates.

Will this solution eliminate administrative staff positions?

It is true that Intuition Service Billing will eliminate the high demand for administrative hours. Many organizations that use Intuition simply reassign administrative staff to higher value activities.

How does Intuition affect DSP activity?

With daily updated information, managers can communicate the length and type of activities DSPs should deliver in order to maximize agency reimbursements. This information is easily communicated through a secure network that can be accessed by DSP smartphones, tablets, or any other internet capable device.