Increasing profits for rehab agency production operations
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“We need to run more like a business…”

Does that sound familiar? Vocational Rehabilitation organizations have the same need to produce profits as the private sector and can apply the same methods to maximize revenue from prime- and sub-contract manufacturing operations.

Using Production Manager software, Vertex customers have increased their profits by 5% or more while reducing staff time shuffling disconnected paperwork. Accounting staff will put in fewer late nights reconciling multiple systems. DSP’s and production supervisors can stop duplicate manual entry of the same data in multiple, disconnected systems. 

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Manage, share data, and improve profits in a single system

  • Bidding is quick, accurate and customized to your methods

  • Labor, overhead and COG’s are tallied for every contract

  • Customers rely on deliveries on-time and on-budget

  • Customer questions are answered on the first phone call

  • Every shipment is quickly and easily invoiced

  • Management reports are immediately available, including bid-to-actual analysis for every contract.

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“We know exactly what our costs and revenue will be on each and every order.”

- Bill Sharek, CEO Johnston county Industries

Manual Disconnected System

  • Separate spreadsheets don’t add up
  • Labor cost is ‘estimated’ 
  • Overhead inaccurately applied
  • Printed forms are misplaced or lost
  • Bid-to-actual analysis is impossible
  • Profitability is a ‘guesstimate’
  • Management reports require extra effort and time to prepare

One simple transaction = days

50 Units Completed: Automated System

One transaction completed in seconds

Make Client Payroll Easy

Compliance + Calculations

Tracking piece rates and time worked is simplified with 

  • Auto clock-out when switching tasks or program activity
  • Configurable rate rules apply correct pay rate for each task
  • Productivity is updated & earnings are sent to payroll
  • Actual labor and pieces complete for each task and job process are updated daily.
  • DOL Compliance – rounding, prevailing rates, hourly ratings, time studies, piece rates are all enforced

Fully Integrated Management Suite

Combine Production Manager, Vertex Vocational Time, Case Management and Services Billing to:

  • Generate billable service hours for DSP review
  • Create time records to invoice Medicaid
  • Client authorizations match billable service codes
  • Create and submit EDI 837 automaatically
  • Receive EDI 835 and apply payment to the appropriate claim
  • Reprocess denials, rejections or adjustments
  • Post claims to the general ledger is automatically
  • A/R and trial balance available on demand
  • Eliminate incomplete records. Accelerate time to payment

Accurate Easy Services Billing