Staff Time & Attendance


No one is as frustrated about recording the same information into multiple systems, or forms, as you are. You watch your staff fill out their timesheet, or punch in/out of different cost centers, and then enter similar information into your billing funding sources. Everyone expresses frustration, but your FIRST concern is not about redundant entry (although you do want to solve that problem. Rather, your bigger concern is about making sure you capture all revenue.

At Vertex, we’ve walked with many organizations through this painful struggle, and that is why we created a streamlined solution that allows you to simultaneously record staff time and service delivery with one punch. This “one punch” feature ALSO provides you with the necessary information to maximize monthly billing to Medicaid and other funding sources.

TimeWorksPlus delivers many benefits:

Improve communication between supervisory staff and hourly employees by providing users with a mobile-accessible employee portal to manage leave requests, schedule changes, benefit balances, and messages from supervisory staff.

Reduce administrative cost by automating calculation of earnings using multiple pay rates and pay premiums.

Schedule staff for location, shift, client and service. This enables reporting of planned vs. actual and maximizes utilization of staff and billable services.

Collect time through any mobile device, landline, touchtone phone, laptop, desktop, or a Vertex Systems Biometric Timeclock.

Foster accountability through secure, biometric clocks (to prevent buddy punching), and mobile geo-fencing to show exactly where and when a staff member started their shift.

What makes TimeWorksPlus  different from other Time & Attendance Solutions?

TimeWorksPlus easily records staff time for payroll and service billing. We accomplish this by integrating our robust time and attendance system with Vertex Service Billing, making it possible to maintain staff schedules and manage service utilization in one set of products. This integration improves service coverage, decreases administrative errors, enhances communication, improves service utilization and minimizes overtime expenses.

TimeWorksPlus Streamlines Staff Time and Service Delivery:

The duplication of work to separately track staff time and service delivery for billing is now more accurate and timely. We provide easy-to-use tools for your direct service providers to use when and where needed. 

Optimized for mobile devices, Vertex Time and Attendance easily tracks DSP’s staff time for payroll and service delivery with “one punch.” Information is recorded in one place for two purposes- staff time sheets and service billing. The benefit? Your staff’s time card accurately reflects the correct cost centers without ever recording time on a separate time card. Increased accuracy and accountability from front-line providers allows C-level management to reduce the administrative time spent to complete payroll and bill for services.

TimeWorksPlus  Reduces Overhead as it Increases Revenue:

We’ve received feedback from some who believed this capability could never live up to our claims, and if it could, the technology would prove too expensive for most rehabilitation agency budgets. TimeWorksPlus is not only an affordable, comprehensive time & attendance software solution; it also reduces overhead costs and increases billable services by providing management with current information on client service utilization balances and DSP’s billable hours.

At Vertex Systems, we ambitiously develop, and successfully deliver, software solutions that are both powerful and affordable. In a short 30-minute presentation, we can show you how to reduce administrative overhead and increase top-line revenue for your rehabilitation agency.

TimeWorksPlus  is Compatible with ACA Requirements

The ACA was fully implemented in 2015, but many employers still feel confused and underprepared as they try to meet its requirements. As a Vertex Systems customer, you can easily comply with the regulations by utilizing TimeWorksPlus.

Data about hours worked by employees is the key to meeting ACA requirements. TimeWorksPlus collects this data and presents it in the Work Week and Work Month reports. In addition to displaying the hours worked by full-time employees, these reports also track the work hours that determine Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) employee status. When employees work 30+ hours per week or 130+ hours per month, employers are required to offer certain ACA-mandated benefits. TimeWorksPlus lets you see at a glance which employees qualify for these benefits.