A Game-Changing Cloud-Based Time and Attendance Solution for Rehabilitation Agencies.

TimeWorksPlus is a game-changing cloud-based time and attendance solution for rehabilitation agencies. We understand the many challenges you face with ensuring accurate pay calculations for your employees. Holding onto employees in our high-turnover market requires creativity in variable pay rates, accrual calculations and shift differential pay. We also know that your policies change regularly and that you need to adjust to accommodate changes quickly.

Vertex’s TimeWorksPlus provides the ability to leverage hundreds of options for configuration of rules for calculating earnings. Its structure also allows for modifications to those rules and the ability to add additional calculations to cover even the most complex HR policies. The Vertex team is also aware that you have diverse teams of employees that work in communities, residences, group homes, local businesses and various company locations. We know the difficulty in ensuring accountability and accuracy of employee time and accrual benefits.

Many ways to record time

TimeWorksPlus Time Recording

TimeWorksPlus offers many ways to record time, including via a cell phone application, tablets, voice over phone and time clocks.


We use geo-coding, which can automatically record where an employee was when clocking in and out.


Geo-fencing can allow employees to punch within a certain distance of a home or business for community service.

IP address

We can even limit via IP address and the locations that record time as well as record the phone number used to dial to voice clocks.

cloud-based software

Getting More Done in Less Time

Best of all, when integrated with Vertex Case Manager, your team can easily record staff time, service delivery and billable time simultaneously when they make a single entry to record serving a client. They can also easily manage scheduling and leave requests and communicate with employees using this full-featured software.

With Vertex’s TimeWorksPlus, your agency can embrace the ultimate solution in time and attendance software on your way to getting more done in less time!

Watch How Easy It Is to Manage Time and Attendance Using TimeWorksPlus

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TimeWorksPlus’ Client Documentation Feature Helps Enforce Accountability

With TimeWorksPlus integration, you can ensure that client documentation is properly completed before a timecard is submitted. Rehab agency managers particularly value this feature because it forces hourly team members to follow through on what managers have asked to be completed. This helps enforce a high level of accountability among your team members.

TimeWorksPlus’ Automation Features Means Your Team Can Take Care of Bigger Things

TimeWorksPlus’ automation features include your team members’ making leave requests and schedule changes as well as viewing benefit balances and earnings calculations with multiple pay rates. Our integrated system helps users by automating scheduling, tracking and reporting timecards for staff and consumers. With many processes automated, resulting in less manual entry, your team is free to address bigger tasks at your rehabilitation agency and spend more time with clients.

Moreover, when TimeWorksPlus is integrated with Vertex Case Manager, direct service providers’ documentation activity triggers their timecards to be automatically completed for them. Our system knows the cost center to charge, and the time is recorded without any additional manual entry.

Change Your Agency Workflow

TimeWorksPlus Features


Capture time data from clocks, automatically calculate multiple pay rates and accruals based on employee type and maintain an audit trail.

Overtime Management

Automatically apply overtime, with management proactively receiving alerts as thresholds approach or are exceeded. Flexible calculations and application.


Easy timecard review and approval by employee, supervisor and/or management. Connects time data to payroll processing for fewer errors and faster completion.

TimeWorksPlus Time Benefit Tracking

cloud-based software

The Smartphone App TimeWorksPlus Employee

An app for smartphones and tablets, TimeWorksPlus Employee provides simple and easy time tracking, employee scheduling and time-off request management. Your team can create schedules, track time and manage personal time off in mere minutes.

Change Your Agency Workflow

TimeWorksPlus Employee Features

Intelligent Time Tracking

Employees clock in and out using a mobile app for increased flexibility and to avoid buddy punching and unplanned overtime.

Easy Time-off Management

Accrue and track time-off balances as well as set vacation and sick-day policies. Approve and deny requests. Sync time off with scheduling and receive time-off notices.

Smooth Payroll Submission

Benefit from an easy timecard approval process and quick export for your payroll provider’s import for processing.

cloud-based software

TimeWorksTouch Clock Collects Staff Time and Connects with TimeWorksPlus

The TimeWorksTouch clock combines the latest intelligent time clock technology with TimeWorksPlus. Your agency can streamline punch and payroll activities with greater accuracy to give managers powerful tools for labor management and cost control.

Change Your Agency Workflow

TimeWorksTouch Features

Biometric Reader

Positively identify fingerprints to prevent buddy punching.

7-inch Color Touchscreen

Custom prompts for transfers and job costing.

Break Tracking

Accurately track meals and breaks for compliance.

Schedule Enforcement

Prevent out-of-schedule punches to reduce overtime and unscheduled labor costs.

Kiosk Mode

The time clock is locked down to ensure it is always ready for clocking in and out to prevent unauthorized access to the operating system or administrative functions.

Change Your Agency Workflow

TimeWorksTouch Allows for Intelligent Timekeeping

Payroll and HR managers

Eliminate missed and unmatched punches, automatically sync timekeeping and payroll systems, and significantly reduce processing time. Accommodates customized pay rules, compliance requirements and employee types.


Immediate insight and tools for absence and overtime management, leave planning, compliance, notifications and timecard approvals.


Simplified and accurate punching, self-service approvals and timecard visibility.

A Day
in the Life With TimeWorksPlus

It’s Monday morning and time to process timecards in preparation for payroll by Wednesday at noon for payroll processing and then check distribution by Friday morning. The next two-and-a-half days will be spent collecting timesheets from the department supervisors and residential home directors followed by review, edits, follow-up reminders and further review. 

Next begins the process of entering the information from the timecards into various spreadsheets to total the hours based on all the difference pay types and tracking schedule variances, unauthorized overtime, benefit balances and department and company summaries for the executive team. Finally, after working late Monday and Tuesday, completing all the necessary calculations and reaching out to supervisors numerous times, the file used to import the timecard details for the staff is ready to send to accounting for upload to the payroll systems for processing.

Now imagine being able to perform the same tasks within a couple of hours instead of a couple of days. Imagine allowing your staff, supervisors, management and HR and accounting departments to obtain the same information daily, in real time.

TimeWorksPlus is your solution.

No longer does your staff need to track time on a paper timecard or stand in line to punch a piece of paper with a manual time clock. Taking advantage of current technologies, staff can record their time via secure biometric time clocks, smartphones or other electronic means. And if your staff is working out in the community, time can be recorded in real time and location verified if needed.

It’s Monday morning and time to process timecards by noon Wednesday so your accounting department can process payroll for Friday payday. Since implementing TimeWorksPlus, staff have until noon Monday to verify and electronically approve their own timecards. Supervisors and residential home directors then have until the end of the day to review their departments’ timecards and provide final approval.

Tuesday morning starts with running the Timecard Approval Report to verify all timesheets have been approved by the staff and supervisory staff. Upon review of the report, the only task left is to send an email to the payroll processing team so they can run the Payroll Export Report so the timecard data can be imported for processing. The manual reports for management are fully automated and can be run at any time. Supervisors and management can monitor overtime and coverage each day to ensure that payroll budgets are not being exceeded and adjust the schedule if needed.

TimeWorksPlus does much more than enable staff to clock in and out. It helps increase productivity by automating many payroll processes, helps staff realize they are personally responsible for the entry of their daily time, ensures transparency from the employee and the organization, offers the ability to run reports in real time and increases morale.

Even better, TimeWorksPlus can be integrated with other Vertex solutions, creating a powerful cloud-based Vertex ERP system.

cloud-based software

Unlock Expanded Capabilities for TimeWorksPlus in Our Complete and Integrated ERP System

The TimeWorksPlus software is designed to work within the Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This integrated system features robust and complete cloud-based software modules, accessible by any device, for rehabilitation agencies.

Whether your rehab agency is growing or a full-scale operation, you can trust that Vertex’s Case Manager and Billing, Time and Attendance, Financials, Payroll and Production Manager software modules can meet your needs by unlocking efficiencies that make your team more productive, saving money and time.

Vertex’s TimeWorksPlus may be licensed as part of a monthly or annual subscription. When TimeWorksPlus is licensed alongside other software modules as part of the Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, discounts may apply. Vertex’s friendly and helpful sales team can answer any questions you might have and is ready to talk to you about licensing our software modules.


Yes, we can configure exempt employees so that their time is automatically generated. That way, they are accumulating accruals and can post time off.

Yes, you can have as many as you need to accommodate your HR policies.

We do the setup for you. We start with a questionnaire that covers all the setup topics. We

will review your response together and ask additional questions as needed. Then we will set it all up and test the configuration and review it with you.

We can import the data for you, including employees’ and all current accrual data. We just need a document with current employee information.

Yes, you can use whoever you want for payroll processing. We will create an export file to match their requirements. If you do not have a payroll processor, we do offer one as an integrated solution.


Looking for documentation about TimeWorksPlus?

View our Resources page for more information.

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