Designed to Manage All Aspects of Piece and Hourly Rate Subminimum Wage Payroll

At your rehabilitation agency, does your team struggle with tracking prevailing wage surveys, time studies, commensurate hourly rates and piece rates? Client Payroll Manager streamlines this process for calculation of earnings under section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act while giving your staff a powerful tool they need to accurately track productivity and due dates for prevailing wage surveys and time studies while ensuring Department of Labor compliance.

Our proprietary and cloud-based Client Payroll Manager is designed for rehab agencies to manage all aspects of piece and hourly rate subminimum wage payroll, including productivity calculations, job labor costing, benefit tracking, WH-226: Application for Authority to Employ Workers with Disabilities at Subminimum Wages, Source America (NISH) reporting and gross earnings calculations. Once your team has calculated total hours and earnings, they can use any payroll application or Staff Payroll for withholdings and check printing.

Client Payroll Manager Highlights

Some notable features include the ability to:

Track prevailing wage rates and target dates for wage classification surveys.

Keep track of each consumer’s productivity.

Track correct hourly ratings, including hourly rate updates.

Track labor expense by customer, job and step for job-costing purposes.

Calculate earnings, enforce rounding rules and use correct wage rates so your agency remains compliant with Department of Labor regulations.

Calculate sick and personal time off pay benefits based on qualified hours of work or attendance.

Report wage expenses by general ledger account so expenses can be entered into your general ledger.

Produce requisite information for WH-226 Department of Labor Special Minimum Wage application.

Supports Employee Research System (ERS) capabilities to report stats to Source America.

Produce Source America quarterly and annual reporting forms. Also for NYSID.

Produce hours with earnings and productivity reports over any date range.

Eliminate paper timesheets and data entry by using a computer or tablet computer and Vertex Vocational Time Manager.

cloud-based software

Client Payroll Manager’s and TimeWorksPlus’ Output Feeds Work Together in Paying Staff and Clients

Client Payroll Manager is a highly specialized solution to collect time for your agency’s subminimum-wage payroll for wages under section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Client Payroll Manager exports hours and earnings that can be used to pay clients. The export file can be used in processing gross-to-net payroll using any payroll application or service from Vertex’s Staff Payroll module to ADP, Paycor, Sage, QuickBooks and other programs.

Eliminate Time Spent on Error Correction When Client Payroll Manager Is Used in Conjunction With Vocational Time Vault

Using Client Payroll Manager with Vocational Time Vault eliminates errors your business office now receives and must correct by having supervisors use a computer, tablet, or time clock to collect time, piece counts and attendance. Floor supervisors and job coaches cannot submit errors like they do with paper. The result is that your team’s time wasted on correcting wrong job numbers, missing piece counts and hours, and inaccurate earning extensions can be put to better use. The accountability for accurate timesheets is pushed to the point of service—the supervisor.

Payroll Manager Provides Your Agency With Compliance, Convenience and Satisfaction.

cloud-based software

Client Payroll Manager Features Full Compliance

Client Payroll Manager has been field proven by hundreds of work centers across the United States and dozens of Department of Labor audits. Our system features full compliance with Code of Federal Regulations, Title 29, Chapter V and Part 525 for Employment of Workers with Disabilities under Special Certificates.

A Day
in the Life With Client Payroll Manager

With payroll day fast approaching, you realize you need to update several prevailing wages and enter demographic information for three new employees. Several employees have recently had time studies completed and need to have their information updated so they are paid correctly. On top of this, way too many of your staff members have yet to turn in their paper timesheets. Add to the mix the fact that the minimum wage pay rate has changed. Meanwhile, your executives are expecting their end-of-month reports, and there are a dozen other things to do! You are juggling a lot of tasks!

Now imagine using software that lets you update a prevailing wage once for all the work that is done for that wage type. A solution lets you group employee productivity rates by type of work so all work that’s a certain type of work can use the same productivity rate. A tool that calculates the average hourly rate based on your defined period. By incorporating Vertex Vocational Time Manager, record the time and job entry to the floor so staff can enter time as it happens. This gives them real-time information on how to correct invalid records before you see them in the business office. Reporting is a breeze and includes timesheet and payroll edit reports, employee productivity, job history and customer reports, employee demographics and more.

In summary, Client Payroll Manager can calculate the most demanding gross pay, track employee sick and vacation pay, export earning information to an external payroll and provide robust reporting while providing your agency with compliance, convenience and satisfaction. Even better, Client Payroll Manager can be integrated with other Vertex solutions, creating a powerful cloud-based Vertex ERP system.

Unlock Expanded Capabilities for Client Payroll Manager in Our Complete and Integrated ERP System

The Client Payroll Manager software module is designed to work within the powerful Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This integrated system features robust and complete cloud-based software modules, accessible by any device, for rehabilitation agencies. Whether your rehab agency is growing or a full-scale operation, you can trust that Vertex’s Case Manager and Billing, Time and Attendance, Financials, Payroll and Production Manager software modules can meet your needs by unlocking efficiencies that make your team more productive, saving money and time.

Client Payroll Manager may be licensed as part of a monthly or annual subscription. It is licensed based upon the number of consumers and the number of concurrent users at one time. When Client Payroll Manager is licensed alongside other software modules as part of the Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, discounts may apply. Vertex’s friendly and helpful sales team is able to answer any questions you might have and ready to talk to you about licensing our software modules. 


Yes. You can enter and report on time for any program at your agency.

Yes. You can pay based on time studies for a job or type of job.

No. Each payroll run is based on a start and stop date, and you can include as many days as you need.

Yes. Client Payroll Manager is a gross-to-net system that calculates the gross pay for your employees. You will import the gross earnings into your current payroll program to calculate taxes and deductions and print paychecks.


Looking for documentation about Client Payroll Manager?

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