Vertex Financial Manager Eliminates Pain Points Common to Most Financial Software by Providing Advanced Functionality

At Vertex, we listen to what rehabilitation agencies have to say in creating an experience that eliminates pain points common to most financial software. In working with financial software, your team likely has encountered a fair share of frustration, from entering duplicate information and fixing errors to dealing with multiple vendors. We recognize your pain points and have elevated the user experience in Vertex Financial Manager, especially for rehab agencies. Payroll Custodian is a powerful system that can save your team many dozens of time-taking small steps every workday!


Some of our customizations include our Labor Distribution feature, which enables your team to allocate staff to many cost centers automatically.


Additionally, Payroll Custodian seamlessly integrates with our Client Payroll Manager and TimeWorksPlus software modules to unleash expanded capabilities.


With Payroll Custodian, your team will be able to unlock considerable time savings, freeing up resources to get big jobs done.

Payroll Functionality and Benefits

Built to accommodate your unique payroll situation, the Payroll Custodian software module provides the following valuable benefits:

Flexible Calculations

Payroll Defined
by Your Business Model

Post Liabilities to Accounts Payable


Mass Updates


Automatic Accruals

Integration to
General Ledgers

Post-Labor Burden


Employee Validate Function

of Information

Direct Deposit


New Employee Setup Wizard

Data Entry

Multiple Employer

Separate Data
Per Employer

Time Journal

Integrate with

cloud-based software

Extended Human Resources Capability Highlights

Payroll Custodian includes a fundamental human resources module enabling rehabilitation agencies such as yours to efficiently direct and manage daily human resources processes. From hiring the appropriate team members and analyzing pertinent information to tracking absences and training, your agency can get the job done with minimal effort and maximum control. Moreover, human resources capabilities include extended fields, position management, recruitment, communication tracking, pay structures, file attachment and self-service.

Capability Highlights

Every organization has unique data to store. One of the most common statements the Vertex team hears from human resource departments is that no easy way to analyze data exists. With Payroll Custodian’s Extended Fields, several analysis tools enable your team to sort data quickly and easily. Being able to drill down and locate specific employee information directly from the analysis form will increase your team’s productivity.

  • Track an unlimited number of user-defined fields and analyze data that is pertinent to your business.
  • Predetermine the type of data such as code or text that can be entered into a specific field.
  • Set up a predefined list of values in a drop-down list for the field to ensure consistency of data.
  • Drill down into specific details, allowing analysis of exact and needed information.
  • Send the analysis to Microsoft Excel, Word or Outlook, making for ease of information sharing with the click of a button.

Ease the hiring process with Vertex Payroll Manager’s Position Management feature. Position Management enables your team to define all positions within your agency, including specific information that is standard for the position. Pertinent information will automatically flow to the employee once the position is assigned to him or her. This information includes rates along with department and standard payroll controls such as earnings, hours, accruals and benefits.

  • Create a budget and actual entries for each position allowing for budget, actual and variance reporting.
  • Track job description and qualifications required for a position as well as the proficiency required.
  • Delineate salary or rate range with warnings if an employee is assigned outside the defined range.
  • Drill down to view the specific employees who have been assigned to a specific position.
  • Perform an analysis on employees or applicants to determine the best qualifications for a specific position.
  • Capture historical position information for tracking career patterns.
  • Attach multiple positions to individual employees with accurate full-time equivalent information.

With Vertex Payroll Manager, your team can rate all applicants based on qualifications with the interactive Applicant Qualification Overview feature. Whether your team is recruiting internally or externally, finding the perfect candidates for an open position is extremely important. It also can be one of the most time-consuming tasks a human resources department can undertake. Vertex Payroll Manager’s HR Recruitment feature streamlines this process for your HR team.

Applicant-specific information relating to open job requisitions can be accessed through an applicant or job requisition card. This information includes expected salary, willingness to relocate and availability. An analysis tool is available to assist in determining the most-qualified applicant for a position.

  • Easily create a new employee from an applicant, with a single click enabling applicant information (qualifications, experience, references, personal information, etc.) to automatically flow to the employee card.
  • Purge historical applicants determined by specific requirements with the click of a button.
  • Run Position Qualification Analysis to determine the most qualified applicant for an open position.

Effectively manage communications for employees, applicants and references using Vertex Payroll Manager. Traditionally, sensitive communications related to human resources operations have been stored on paper in files that grow over time. It is becoming more common to store “soft copies” of documents such as offer letters, employee reviews, disciplinary actions, benefit plan changes and announcements on the network, but these files are not typically connected to the human resources system or associated with the employee, making it cumbersome to access them.

Vertex Payroll Manager’s Communications Tracking feature enables your team to eliminate hard copies and electronically manage communications for employees or applicants. When your team opens an employee or applicant card, they can easily access all related communications, soft documents, files and information in fields.

  • Produce and maintain communications integrated with the mail merge functionality of Microsoft Word.
  • Create mass or individual communications with employees or applicants that can be distributed by hard copy, email or fax.

Simplify complex pay rates with Vertex Payroll Manager’s Pay Structures feature. Pay Structures enables payment using a company pay grid rather than individual employee rates of pay. When new rates are required or existing rates need to be adjusted, your team can easily copy an existing pay grid with a new effective date, make the changes and then mass update all employees for these changes to take effect. Effective dates are available through many different areas of Vertex Payroll Manager so your team can load a new rate into the system in advance of the change.

  • Handle changing company rates using Master Pay Structures, controlled by effective dates.
  • Provide for a fixed grid of specific rates or a range, allowing for a position to have a minimum or maximum rate range.

Vertex Payroll Manager’s File Attachment feature enables your team to store documents directly on the record. For example, your team can simply store a performance review on an employee card.

  • Save all file types (Word documents, Excel, PDF and TXT).
  • Store files directly in a database without linking to another source.
  • Easily attach external files in many areas within Vertex Payroll Manager.

Vertex Payroll Manager’s Self Service capability reduces the daily interruptions your payroll and human resources teams likely experience day in and day out. Vertex Payroll Manager leverages Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s native web client to provide secure access to employee information.

  • View employee information on their employee card, to which an employer allows access.
  • Enter staff time and expenses directly on the web.
  • Employees can use paycheck history to view and print pay stubs.

A Day
in the Life With Payroll Custodian

Imagine having all your payroll processes in one location, where you can create payroll controls that address your business model, allowing you to import your data from the timekeeping module directly into the payroll journal with all employee information. With the click of a button, you can calculate the payroll journal and can confirm each employee is being paid the correct amount, with the proper deductions being taken out. Then you can simply print and post.

Now imagine that, once the payroll is processed, all your liabilities can be paid by running a process that automatically transfers to a payables journal. Once transferred to the payment journal, you need to just click a button to create checks either live or through direct deposit (ACH).

Next, imagine having a portal that allows you to run regulatory reports at the end of each quarter and the end of the year. Think about the ease you’ll enjoy with having 940, 941, W2s, T4s and ACAs in one place where you can edit, print and file. Robust reporting allows you to document, analyze and review all payroll data. You are even able to create payroll schedules you design using information to address your needs.

In summary, Payroll Custodian can process payroll, report to and pay regulatory agencies, and provide a wide array of reports that allow for efficiency as well as providing your agency convenience and satisfaction. Even better, Payroll Custodian can be integrated with other Vertex solutions, creating a powerful cloud-hosted Vertex ERP system.

Simplification Through Integration: Enable Seamless Time Collection and Payroll Processing

Payroll Custodian is designed to work within the powerful Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This integrated system features robust and complete cloud-hosted software modules, which are mobile accessible, for rehabilitation agencies. Whether your rehab agency is growing or a full-scale operation, you can trust that Vertex’s Case Manager and Billing, Time and Attendance, Financials, Payroll and Production Manager software modules can meet your needs by unlocking efficiencies that make your team more productive and efficient to accommodate tight budgets.

Payroll Custodian may be licensed as part of a monthly or annual subscription based on the number of people paid each month. You do not pay a fee for each check. When Payroll Custodian is licensed alongside other software modules as part of the Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, discounts may apply.

Vertex’s friendly and helpful sales team is able to answer any questions you might have and ready to talk to you about licensing our software modules.


Yes. Client Payroll Manager handles all the complexities and calculations of earnings for consumers. Earnings are then sent to Payroll Custodian for processing checks. Many of our customers process staff payroll one week and client payroll the other week. If desired, you can process both payrolls on the same cycle.

Yes. You always know how each check is distributed or allocated to cost centers. The association of these journal entries are attached to the check.

Yes. This is a Vertex improvement to Serenic Software’s NaviPayroll platform. 1099s can also be printed from Payroll Custodian.


Looking for documentation about Payroll Custodian?

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