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Reasons to Choose Vertex Systems’ Solutions

Rehabilitation agencies such as yours have many good reasons to choose Vertex Systems’ solutions. Let’s take a look at these.

Reason 1


First, we know that you value technical support of products by highly knowledgeable and friendly staff above all. When you call the Vertex Hotline for support, you don't want to wait for a call back—you want answers and a pleasant experience. That is why more than 92 percent of all calls are answered and resolved on the first call.

Reason 2

Features and Product
Improvements Constantly Added

Second, you want products that meet the needs of the industry and you don't want to pay for custom modifications for functionality you think should be standard. We work exclusively with agencies serving people with disabilities. Our products have hundreds of new features added each year so they stay abreast of changes. You get product improvements and unlimited technical support for the fixed price you pay for your subscription and no unpleasant budget surprises.

Reason 3

One Vendor,
All the Benefits

Third, you benefit from robust functionality, integration of modules, frequent software updates and support from a single vendor. Your team can benefit from the convenience and satisfaction of using our easy to use documentation and service billing software modules, which are tailored to meet your and other rehab agencies’ specific needs. Our accounting modules are built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central products, with customizations we’ve made to improve agencies’ experiences.

Robust and Complete Cloud-based Software Modules for Rehabilitation Agencies

Vertex Modules Work Independently and As an Enterprise Resource Planning System

Our software solutions encompass Case Manager and Billing, Time and Attendance and Scheduling for staff and clients, Accounting, Fixed Assets, Purchasing and Financials, and Production Manager. Next, our solutions are cloud-based and require no software investment or network infrastructure to get up and running as well as stay connected to agency operations. Envision your agency’s entire cycle—from service to documentation and billing—being completely connected and available on any computer or mobile device. Additionally, our Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system features software modules that work independently for growing organizations or seamlessly as one powerful, complete and integrated system. Moreover, Vertex Systems’ first-rate customer support team offers expert guidance so your team can get the best out of our software modules. Lastly, Vertex Systems’ solution is simply the leading-edge ERP system, trusted by hundreds of rehabilitation agencies across the United States that have benefited from optimized workflow. We’ve been in business since 1981 and have strong roots in helping elevate rehab agencies. This is our sole business mission and focus. As we see it, the question isn’t “Why Vertex” but why hasn’t your agency made the switch to Vertex yet?

One Vendor,
All the Benefits

Make the Move to a Modern, Integrated Automation Solution

Share consumer case files, documentation and service utilization, progress notes and service hours across your rehab agency in real time.

Reduce documentation and paper shuffling while increasing staff time for program delivery.

Put an end to missing or late case notes—and chasing direct service providers to submit them.

Eliminate redundant record-keeping and the wasted time and risks that come with it.

Increase Service Billings and Reduce Team Workload

Convey complete documentation to your billing team on time and automatically.

Reduce administrative effort by as much as 70 percent.

Match staff utilization with authorized services.

Maintain documentation compliance.

Increase service utilization by showing each direct service provider the usage of each authorization at the end of every day, enabling your team to be proactive in providing service while maximizing delivery and billing of authorized services.

Connect Functions and Information

Free staff from error-prone manual record-keeping that requires significant amounts of staff time, which could be assigned to more productive work.

Case notes are directly tied to billing. Time and attendance is integrated into Vertex Case Manager and payroll.

Case notes are automatically routed for review and approval.

Vertex Integrated ERP Provides Convenience and Expandability

The Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system features robust cloud-based software modules for your accounting and financial reporting.

Modules are available à la carte and work independently for growing organizations or together in our ERP system.

Our integrated and complete solution provides efficiency and economies of scale by reducing the number of vendors your rehabilitation agency works with, eliminating redundant data entry and delivering enhanced reporting.

Accounting modules are Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central products with Vertex customizations tailored to agencies’ needs.

Vertex Systems’ Training and Support

Vertex Systems offers simple yet comprehensive training so your rehab agency’s team can get up to speed quickly on how to use our software modules. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team offers helpful guidance so your team can take full advantage of our software modules.

It’s our goal for your team to have the best experience possible, raising the level of service you provide in your community while ensuring billing maximization.

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