Our exclusive focus: making software for organizations like yours.

We have learned a great deal about operations like yours: the regulatory challenges, reimbursement hurdles, privacy and audit compliance. Our team brings more than thirty-five years of experience working with and gathering input from users like you, and it is our goal to make your impossible mission… possible.

Make the move to modern, integrated automation

Eliminate redundant record-keeping and the risks that come with it.

Put an end to missing or late case notes – and chasing DSP’s to submit them.

Reduce documentation and paper-shuffling and increasing staff time for program delivery.

Share consumer case files, all documentation and service utilization, progress notes, and service hours across the organization – in real time.

Increase service billings and reduce team workload

Make sure you deliver and bill every authorized service by keeping track of time-constrained authorizations.

Reduce administrative effort by 50% or more.

Convey complete documentation to the billing team – on time, automatically. 

Match staff utilization with authorized services.

Maintain documentation compliance.

Connect functions and information

Case notes are directly tied to billing. Staff scheduling is tied to service delivery and to payroll. Reporting and maintaining compliance touches on every facet of your agency’s work.

Free staff from error-prone manual record-keeping that requires massive staff time – hours that could be assigned to more meaningful work.

Case notes are automatically routed for review and approval

We stand with you.

Training for each role in your agency is comprehensive and easy. Implementing Vertex products is smooth, allowing you to quickly realize increased billings and decreased paper-shuffling.

Technical and user support is unlimited, helping you take advantage of the applications, forecast maintenance, implement new releases – we want you to have the best experience possible.

Delivered online, Vertex solutions require no investment in software or network infrastructure to get up and running, and stay connected to agency operations.

Too good to be true?

“I just spent 20 minutes imagining  what I could have done with the Touch system, 30 years ago! Wow, nice stuff.”

“I truly want to thank all of you for all you do for me. You guys are amazing!!!!!  Thank you again!!!”

“She (payroll person) is very excited that she can easily login and view time entries during the day and review the entries and attendance before she starts payroll; and she does not have to hand enter everyone’s times.”