9 Essential Benefits of IDD Software

IDD software helps to manage record-keeping, compliance concerns, and more.

Rehabilitation agencies and those that work with Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (IDD) face unique challenges. From daily record-keeping to important compliance concerns, many facets need your attention. Some of the most demanding concerns expressed by IDD agencies include:

  • Government regulations when billing Medicaid or other local entities. 
  • Working within established guidelines for 14(c) (sub-minimum wage) payroll.
  • Adhering to strict compliance requirements when documenting services you deliver, including the new Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) that is rolling out across the country.

An enterprise-wide software solution is your partner in directly meeting all of these challenges and more. The best solutions are built with an appreciation for the work you do, by a team that profoundly desires to help your agency be the best provider possible.

The Big Benefits of Strong IDD Software Solutions

A seasoned IDD software vendor understands and anticipates the day-to-day roadblocks you are apt to encounter and design a software solution that steers you in the right direction. A strong IDD software solution includes these essential benefits:

1. Adhere to Compliance Regulations

IDD software should be designed to help steer you toward compliance adherence. For instance, it would know the Department of Labor (DOL) regulations and include guidelines to prevent mistakes.

2. Quickly Gather Data for Audits

Full payroll history records can be collected within seconds in case of an audit–down to the actual piece rate or productivity percentage paid for each time block.

3. Collect Detailed Time Records

Record, retain, and report information from the time the consumer arrives until the person leaves. Throughout the day, the software should offer the ability to collect service time and information about how consumers are progressing as they work on outcomes and objectives.

4. Gather Critical Case Details

Complete case records by adding medication passes, delivery of supports, incidental case notes, and GPS-based EVV records to submit them to your third-party aggregator.

5. Insure Accurate Time Records

The service time records can be checked, and if required, double-checked before the records are available to be billed.

6. Eliminate Redundant Data Entry

It is common for IDD agencies to employ one staff member to record time on a piece of paper, with a second employee manually entering that time so that another person can process payroll. A third person may re-enter the same information to ensure it is added to the billing system. 

Using an integrated IDD software solution, one staff member enters the service time–that’s it. This is the only time someone needs to enter the data because the same time record is used to pay the person and bill the funder for the service delivered. While capturing the service time, the DSP can record progress on objectives and note the delivery of supports such as dispensing a medication.

7. Boost Communication for Entire Agency

An integrated IDD software solution shares data across the agency:

  • Drivers can electronically capture the time the consumer got on the van and when the consumer was dropped off. 
  • Consumers can be “clocked in” when they arrive. 
  • Changes between services and DSP’s are easily noted. 
  • Each person who should have access to consumer-related information can see what the person has accomplished today or for any period of time. 
  • Payroll staff save time by avoiding manually entering potentially hundreds of time records and billing staff gain access to important billing records.

8. Reveal Client Process

When it’s time to review how clients are progressing, IDD software solutions provide helpful summaries that show what has transpired for the consumer during the requested time period.  

Progress analysis can be automatically scored and illustrated with easy-to-read graphs. Strong solutions allow you to add a narrative summary, including viewing, saving and storing the summary automatically. All from the same service time and progress records previously entered.

9. Easily Manage Workforce Financials

Staff members are the life-blood of your agency and they need to be paid too. IDD software logs time punches at a physical time clock or through an app on a smartphone. Using the same app, staff can request time off and supervisors can approve the request if appropriate. The time entered automatically imports into your payroll system.

Vertex – Proven IDD Software Solution

If you’re looking for a proven software solution designed to meet the unique needs of your rehabilitation agency, Vertex Systems has developed an exceptional platform for you.

Vertex is the leading provider of software solutions made exclusively for organizations providing vocational, day programs, and residential services for adults with disabilities. With our full suite of cloud-based modules, it’s easier than ever to ease the administration work at your agency and get back to doing the work that matters. Talk to our team today. 

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