Case Manager

Collect information from referral to discharge and leverage reports from thorough analyses

Vertex Case Manager

Case Manager

Vertex Case Manager is a cloud-based electronic records and documentation system for agencies that serve people with disabilities in community, day, vocational, supported employment and residential programs.

Vertex Case Manager gathers information from referral, intake, program enrollment, service delivery all the way through discharge from the agency. Vertex Case Manager features a streamlined user interface, making your agency more efficient and productive while boosting your existing service delivery. Service providers even receive reminders to complete missing or incomplete documentation!

A Day With Vertex Case Manager

Imagine working with 15 consumers in a classroom where multiple projects are being worked on simultaneously. The consumers have various funders and are working under several different programs and/or services. Each consumer is working on his or her own unique outcomes, and several of the participants have specialized supports that need to be delivered during your service session.

Now imagine using software that allows you to select consumers who are present from a list of people expected to attend. Select the appropriate activity for the group, and Vertex Billing Manager will compare the activity with a list of pre-authorized services for that consumer. Required supports are listed in the order they should be executed, and each person’s outcomes and objectives are readily available for charting. View all this on one page!

This powerful software can do even more, such as:

Have Clients Referred to Your Agency With the Click of a Button

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities require quality services from a dedicated team– and as a trusted agency, clients are referred to you all the time. So, you should make it as easy as possible for them to work with you.

Rapid Referral lets organizations submit a client’s information through an online portal so you no longer have to manually transcribe and filter through it. No more dealing with paper forms and wasting valuable time on data-entry. Rapid Referral allows representatives from the entity to fill in the necessary information and submit it all online. From there, you can determine if the individual would be a fit for your agency and upload the data straight into your Case Manager. 

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Designed to work within the powerful Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning System:

Vocational Time Vault


Schedule Simplifier

Production Manager

Payroll Custodian

Financial Facilitator

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