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Collect information from referral to discharge and leverage reports from thorough analyses
Vertex Case Manager

The Vertex Case Manager

Vertex Case Manager is a cloud-based electronic case management software solution. Vertex Case Manager was created specifically designed for agencies like yours that serve people with disabilities in the community, employment, and residential settings.

The Vertex Case Manager gathers information from every step of your client’s tenure from enrollment thru discharge. Through our social work case management software, information is gathered as clients attend and advance through your programs. Users can enter service time and progress records throughout the day.

Missing or incomplete documents trigger a reminder to service providers to help maintain compliance. Our case management system allows for your user experience to be stress-free and keeps your agency organized and documentation compliant.


A Day With Case Manager

From the dashboard, users see notifications, mark arrival times, and edit records all in one location. Throughout a service session, case managers can record how each person in the group is progressing on his or her individual, unique objectives.

Scheduled tasks such as medication administration or toileting are visible on the dashboard as to be executed actions and are allowed to be noted. At the end of a session, users can review and finalize information before submitting it to be reviewed.

Using the Summary feature, a DSP or Case Manager can review the service and progress records and formalize results.

Our case management software can do even more!

Have Clients Referred to Your Agency with the Click of a Button

Referral agencies no longer need to use paper, pen, fax, or email to refer a client to your organization. With the Referral Portal, the referring agency enters all pertinent consumer information online. The referring agency simply clicks the referral link and starts entering information. It’s all there; name, address, phone numbers, disabilities, funding sources, and more.

When it’s time to review and process the referrals, log into Vertex Case Manager where you’ll see a count of new referrals. As you review the referrals, you’ll decide which people to automatically add to your database as a potential clients. No duplication of data entry is required! 

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Designed to work within the powerful Vertex System:

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Time Simplicity

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