Vocational Time Manager

Our consumer-employee time tracking software enables supervisors to electronically record granular work activities easily to increase the accuracy of calculating paid work.
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A Modern Day Employee Time Tracking Solution

This employee time tracking software is perfect for agencies that operate day and vocational programs. Having just one location for all earnings will decrease time spent calculating wages and increase optimization. Our employee time tracking software calculates earnings using strict rules to guarantee accuracy. The Vertex Vocational Time Manager is a tool that helps supervisors submit the correct time and earnings for their employees. This prevents errors and ensures that everyone is held accountable for their actions. With an automated employee time tracking software, errors can be avoided and resolved easier than ever before. Your team will gain time they now waste on fixing incorrect job numbers, missing piece counts and hours, and inaccurate earning extensions.

With the Vocational Time Manager, your IDD agency will:

A Day With Vocational Time Manager

Payday is coming up and you are still waiting for paper timesheets to be submitted. Those that are submitted are barely legible and you’re struggling to read them. You see jobs listed for employees you know don’t match their skill level and can’t track their supervisor down to discuss the error.
There are just too many things that can go wrong, and your payroll deadline still looms. There has to be a better way!

Our Employee Time Tracking Software Optimizes the Work Day

With Vertex Vocational Time Manger, paper timesheets are eliminated. Staff can enter real-time hours in an easy-to-use, mobile interface! Get started by selecting one or more employees who are starting a job then, select the job they will be working on. That’s it!
Throughout the day, you can select the people and the next job or program time they are moving into. You can enter piece counts when necessary and enter progress on Outcomes when coupled with our Vertex Case Manager application.
At the end of the shift, the staff person reviews entries for final submission. Any common data entry errors are caught, like missing pieces or a person working outside of their standard hours. When the entries have been proofed, a simple tap of the Submit button sends the records to Vertex Client Payroll Manager for further processing.

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Vocational Time Manager


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