Vocational Time Manager

Enable supervisors and job coaches to electronically record client start and stop times

vertex Systems works with idd agency Vocational Time Total

Vocational Time Manager

This software is perfect for agencies that operate day and vocational programs and want to electronically track time for activities and paid work. Earnings for sub-minimum and piece-rate work are calculated using strict rules to guarantee accuracy. Vertex Vocational Time Manager prevents errors by placing the responsibility and accountability at the point of service, and supplies supervisors with the tools they need in order to submit the correct time and earnings once.

Because floor supervisors and job coaches cannot submit errors as they do with paper recording, your team will gain time they now waste on fixing incorrect job numbers, missing piece counts and hours, and inaccurate earning extensions.

A Day With Vocational Time Manager

Payroll is due. The business office is missing paper timesheets. Several timesheets have so many corrections that they are barely legible, and you know from experience that there are employees working on jobs that are just downright incorrect. Consumers you know have never been time studied are working on productivity-based jobs, and you know that this particular employee couldn’t have possibly done 100 pieces in the hour listed. You have five hours before payroll is due, and all these issues need to be corrected.

Imagine using software that lets supervisors capture job changes in real time by tapping a few images. You can transfer employees/consumers quickly from job to job or in and out of programming, have pieces entered, and report progress on outcomes – all from the convenience of a tablet or other PC device. The end-of-day process visibly marks any record deemed to be incorrect and must be corrected before the records are sent to the business office. The business office reaps the benefits of clean, error-free, and legible time records.

With the Vocational Time Manager, your IDD agency will:

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Vocational Time Manager


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