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Vertex Production

Give your team visibility of their daily performance with job costing and profitability reported by job (contract), product, and customer, no matter where they are. Customers using Vertex Production have reported that they’ve increased their profits by 5% or more while decreasing staff time spent on disconnected paperwork. Direct service providers and production supervisors can stop duplicating manual entries of the same data—and making mistakes in attempting duplicate entries—in multiple disconnected systems.

This solution is designed to assist rehab agencies that deliver prime and subcontract assembly and manufacturing services. Your agency has the same need to run production profitably as the private sector, so invest in the same tools to maximize revenue from your prime and subcontract operations.

A Day With Vertex Production

Imagine your rehabilitation agency’s board wanting to know whether orders from a customer ran profitably during a month. If your team has a manual system, they would have to dig out the time study information as well as the BOM information and work out the standard and then look at inventory and labor records to obtain the actual to finally compute profitability. If your team faced multiple jobs, repeating these actions would be highly time-consuming.

By using Vertex Production, you can run a single report so your team could get this information quickly. Our solution can go even further, giving your team profitability on jobs in process. Because of this, decisions need not be based on a post-mortem. Even better, when your customer calls for an inventory count of their consigned and finished-good items and the status of their production run, you can answer while on the phone!

Manual Disconnected System Vs. Vertex Production’s Automated System

If your rehabilitation agency team is stuck dealing with estimates instead of actual costs, missing forms and other hassles, it’s time to upgrade to Vertex Production.

Manual Disconnected System

Separate spreadsheets don’t add up.
Labor cost is “estimated.”
Overhead inaccurately applied.
Printed forms are misplaced or lost.
Bid-to-actual analysis is impossible.
Profitability is a “guesstimate.”
Management reports require extra effort and time to prepare.
One simple transaction can take days!

Vertex Production Automated System

Real-time automatic financial entries on production.
Job-based bid to actual analysis.
Profitability reports by job, finished good or customer.
Detailed visibility on jobs, steps, time studies, prevailing wages and many more.
Inventory planning capabilities.
Invoices to customers via email, PDFs or printouts.
Approval workflow notifications.
Track inventory standard costs.
Rapid turnaround from quote to invoice with very little data entry.
Seamlessly capture time worked on jobs, with data entered only once.
Slice and dice information by department, project, cost center, etc.

Vertex Production Is the Solution That Will Meet Your Team’s Needs

Many production systems in the marketplace have an exorbitant price tag and represent an investment that cannot be taken on by many rehabilitation agencies. At Vertex, we understand the need of rehab agencies and have introduced different varieties to meet your needs. Our Assembly Management option is a cost-effective solution for agencies that focus on simple assembly operations. Our Manufacturing Management option is a robust solution for agencies that work on complex manufacturing jobs.

Assembly Management Features

For short lead time orders with simple steps.
Components always back flushed.
Simple data entry with finished pieces.
Selectable sales and production linking.
Use of simple resources.
WIP is instantaneous.
Single item type per order.
Simple assembly BoM.
Supports bid-to-actual analysis.
On-demand labor posting.
Less time to complete implementation.
Integrates with Vertex Client Payroll Manager.
Maintains history of BOMs.
User-created purchase orders for subcontracts.
Definition of alternate job steps.
Scrap recorded through adjustment.

Manufacturing Management Features

For long lead time orders with complex steps.
Multiple flushing methods for components.
Completed pieces reported at step level.
Automated sales and production linking.
Use of detailed work centers and machine centers.
WIP retained until jobs are closed.
Accommodates multiple items in a single order.
Detailed production BoMs and routings.
Requires some time for configuration.
Supports bid-to-actual analysis.
Automated labor posting.
Integrates with Vertex Client Payroll Manager.
Maintains history of BOMs and routings.
Automated purchase orders for subcontracts.
Definition of alternate job steps.
Scrap recorded through order.

With Vertex Production, your team can:

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