ABC Case Study 

A Brief History

Ability Building Community (ABC) is a nonprofit organization that has been providing services to individuals with disabilities since 1956. The center has grown enormously since its inception and now offers services in two Minnesota locations – La Crescent and Caledonia. At the time of its founding, the primary focus was to create a vocational program within the center for those living with disabilities.

Over the years, ABC has seen several expansions to their services, including an adult day program and independent living skills programs. These new programs were developed to help those with disabilities achieve their goals of leading independent lives. In recent years, ABC has also begun transitioning from center-based jobs for their individuals to community-based jobs; this shift explains their name “Ability Building Community”.

Solving Billing Challenges & Streamlining Operations

ABC faced significant challenges in their billing operations before they implemented Vertex. Employees were spending far too much time on billing tasks, making it difficult to stay on top of their workload and exhausting the resources available. The existing company providing support and services was using inadequate technology and offered slow customer service, making it even more difficult for ABC to keep up with their tasks.

Vertex stepped in to provide ABC with a solution that would help them streamline their billing operations:

Vertex Gets Billing Done Right the First Time

Vertex has been instrumental in helping ABC achieve greater success over the years. By streamlining the import of service agreements and automating billing processes, Vertex has helped save time and money while providing much needed accuracy in billing. 

In fact, ABC is leveraging Vertex Systems to its fullest extent, using powerful modules such as:

Impressive Statistics At-a-Glance

“If Vertex leaves, I leave.”

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