Vertex Modules

Vertex modules can be used independently or as a complete and fully integrated system. Each of our IDD Software solutions are designed around specific aspects of IDD agencies to increase productivity and organization

IDD Software Designed With Your Agency in Mind

Vertex’s modules offer cutting-edge IDD software tailored to meet the unique needs of your agency. Our technology empowers you to harness the power of data to optimize operations, enhance decision-making, and drive success.

Case Management Solutions

Vertex Case Manager provides a user-friendly and comprehensive case management experience, maintaining compliance with automated reminders and organizing client progress from enrollment through discharge.

Payroll Solutions

Streamline your payroll and stay compliant with ease using Vertex’s advanced payroll solutions.

rehab agency erp Client Payroll Calculator

Client Payroll Manager

Our comprehensive cloud-based Client Payroll Manager software ensures compliance with DOL regulations by simplifying the tracking and reporting of client earnings and productivity.

Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Business Back Office

Our cloud based back office ERP solution caters to IDD as well as non-IDD organizations to optimize back office functions by integrating work areas, streamlining processes and unlocking time savings. The ERP is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, one of Microsoft’s flagship ERPs. The solution entails focused work areas relating to finance, payroll and production. 

Vertex Financial Manager

The feature enriched financial management system is loaded with hundreds of augmentations to benefit organizations such as yours. It is equipped to manage your organizations complete financial needs from general ledgers, financial statements, accounts receivable and accounts payable to fixed assets, purchasing, invoicing and budgeting.

Vertex Staff Payroll

This is a robust payroll processing system powered by Sylogist Payroll. The solution helps process in-house payroll by calculating the gross to net and is designed to simplify payroll tasks thus making payroll information available across your system. Efficient payroll processing and regulatory reporting allows you to work through your processes end to end. It is geared to allow imports from time collection / clocking systems to eliminate redundancies in data entry and unlock significant time savings.

Vertex Production Manager

This is a fully fledged production solution geared to assist organizations that deliver prime/subcontract assembly and manufacturing services. With the Vertex Production Manager you get the best of both worlds – rich features from Vertex and alignment to industry standard practices from Microsoft.The solution integrates with Vertex Client Payroll Manager to provide extended IDD features for IDD specific deployments.

Time & Attendance Solutions

Efficient time and attendance management is key to successful agency operations.

idd agency TimeWorks Plus

WorkforceHub Plus

This cloud-based platform offers real-time scheduling and timesheet solutions, ensuring precise time-tracking and attendance for staff and service delivery.

Vocational Time Manager

Designed for day and vocational programs, our Vocational Time Manager improves wage calculation accuracy while centralizing earnings data for a streamlined approach to participant time tracking.

WorkforceHub Advanced

Time Simplicity revolutionizes schedule management for IDD agencies. With comprehensive integrations and mobile accessibility, managing and adapting schedules is more manageable than ever.

Electronic Billing Solutions

Our electronic billing solutions can save up to 70% in staff hours on billing tasks, freeing up valuable resources for your agency.

Vertex Billing Manager

Our Vertex Billing Manager is a cloud-based invoicing system that tracks financials and authorizations in real-time, offering daily service delivery comparisons and critical error-reducing notifications.

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