Easy-to-use Time Collection, Documentation and Service Billing Software

Does your rehabilitation agency need to move to 21st century information systems? “Good enough for a nonprofit” isn’t going to cut it anymore. The hidden cost of past decisions is enormous. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

Vertex’s easy-to-use time collection, documentation and service billing software—accessible on computers, tablets and phones—has contributed to the optimization of the workflow of hundreds of rehab agencies just like yours across America. Service documentation can easily and quickly be captured on smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. Staff time collection uses smartphones with geofencing, hardware clocks, landlines, etc. to clock in and out from anywhere.

Additionally, time and pieces collection using tablet computers for client payroll has eliminated paper timesheets while increasing Department of Labor compliance and accuracy of earnings calculations. Accounting and financial reporting are integrated, robust and accessible from anywhere via tablets or desktop computers.


Robust and Complete Cloud-based Software Modules for Rehabilitation Agencies

Vertex Modules Work Independently and As an Enterprise Resource Planning System

The Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system features robust and complete cloud-based software modules for rehabilitation agencies that work independently for growing organizations or together as one integrated system.

Based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Vertex-created extensions to make it specific to the way rehabilitation agencies work, Vertex built the leading-edge ERP system for rehab agencies. Our offerings encompass Case Manager and Billing, Time and Attendance and Scheduling for staff and clients, and Accounting, Fixed Assets, Purchasing and Financials, and Production Manager for agencies that operate the workshop to produce products to fund services.

Vertex Software Modules Are Integrated

Every day, the Vertex team hears these common complaints from rehab agencies because they are using standalone software modules from different vendors:

Does any or all of this sound like the story at your agency?

With our Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, this is the kind of transformative experience your agency benefits from!:

Imagine all your agency’s programs and departments benefitting from having enhanced access to actionable information. Imagine the ease with which your departments can work by using a single and seamless integrated system from one vendor.

Imagine the convenience and satisfaction your agency will experience by eliminating any need for information to be inputted more than once—and all the errors that result from attempted duplicate entry.

Imagine the convenience and satisfaction that come with using one system where everything is integrated. All systems work the way you think they should! Enter something once, and everywhere it has an effect the change is made! Imagine that.

See How Easy Vertex’s Software Works Together

With Vertex’s documentation and service billing software modules, your team can access a consumer’s file; document attendance, including community and facility activities; and record piece counts. Documentation is integrated with service billing so that it fluidly determines the correct reimbursement rate and billing code. Vertex Case Manager and Billing can track all this information to maximize your agency’s billable service hours so you maximize utilization of service authorizations and staff.

Picture the entire cycle—from intake and service to documentation and billing—all connected and available on any desktop or tablet. Case Manager functions are available on smartphones. This is how easy Vertex’s software modules can talk to and work with one another!

Software That Scales As Your Organization Grows

Revolutionize Your Agency’s Workflow With Vertex

Many rehabilitation agencies are using all of Vertex’s products as part of our integrated ERP system. Typically, these are larger agencies that realize the economies of scale in the first year. The benefits and economies of scale are huge because the errors and redundant work are enormous. Even these larger agencies realize that they did not know the inefficiencies were this bad.

But they all didn’t invest in every one of our offerings right away. They started with solving the largest problem and expanded as they saw the benefits.

Some agencies bought the software modules they needed at the time and chose to add module by module to create a powerful integrated system that allowed staff to stop making corrections and adjustments and do more productive work.

Get the Software You Need Today and Expand With Integrated Modules As You Grow

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