Vocational Rehabilitation Software Solutions

Robust and complete cloud-based care agency software modules for rehabilitation agencies.

Because Vertex’s products are cloud-based and accessible from tablets and smartphones, data can be entered as needed rather than end up forgotten about.

Case Management & Billing

These vocational rehabilitation software modules are designed to work together to collect and provide the information on which your IDD agency relies.
With this care agency software module, you can easily collect and analyze demographics, enter notes, and store documents. Case manager is a full-featured tool to help agencies document delivered supports, rate progress and manage and report on incidents all in one location! Your team will even be able to create and chart outcomes and objectives, automate monthly and quarterly summaries, and monitor documentation data entry compliance.
This tool utilizes daily service documentation entered by direct service providers and can be billed on paper or electronically. Billing accepts electronic payments, and cash receipts are applied automatically when using EDI 837 claims/835 payments. View a live status of all billing, denials, resubmissions, replacement claims and write-off at any time.
When using our EVV vocational rehabilitation software, caregivers gain the ability to view their schedules, document services and use turn-by-turn driving directions. On the job,caregivers can capture electronic signatures, take notes and collect real-time location data. Using our EVV software can ensure that your agency will meet the federal requirements set forth in the 21st Century Cures Act for services that require an in-home visit documentation.

Time & Attendance

Simplify your team’s workflow by using a single time entry for staff payroll, client payroll, service records, and billing records.
For Staff Encompassing a complete employee time and attendance system, TimeWorksPlus offers many ways to record time via machine or handheld device. It enables your team to record staff time and service delivery, track attendance and accrual balances. Employees will be able to request leave time and communicate with each other.
For Clients This module is appropriate for agencies that operate day and vocational programs and want to electronically track time for activities and paid work. Earnings for subminimum and piece-rate work are calculated using strict rules to guarantee accuracy.
For Staff Use this dynamic and advanced employee scheduling software module to simplify your IDD agency’s scheduling process. Time Simplicity uses notifications to help your team communicate and resolve schedule changes, keeping everyone in the team in the loop and updated.

Client & Staff Payroll

Our rehab agency software solution can accommodate your agency whether you prefer in-house processing or an export from our system to the payroll provider of your choice.
This payroll processing module for rehabilitation agencies is designed to simplify payroll tasks and make payroll information available across your system. Vertex Payroll is configurable and flexible software that enables your team to define payroll processing steps to match your business model.
Vertex’s Client Payroll Manager is a powerful cloud-based tool that streamlines every step of the payroll process. With just this single application, agencies can track prevailing wage surveys,time studies, commensurate hourly rates and piece rates while accurately calculating earnings and track productivity, all with Department of Labor compliance.

Finance & Accounting

We’ve assessed agency-specific needs and translated them into software solutions that deliver robust reporting and analytics.
Using Vertex Financials, your team can manage all your agency’s financial needs inside of one easy to use solution. You’ll find documents like, general ledgers, financial statements, invoicing, and budgeting all in one place. Locate accounts receivable and payable, fixed assets, and purchasing of products all without leaving this application. As your agency grows you can add additional Vertex care agency software and modules to increase features.

Production Management

Production management software tailormade to IDD agencies to help them maximize profitability and increase visibility through the whole team.

This solution is designed to assist rehab agencies that deliver prime and subcontract assembly and manufacturing services. Your agency has the same need to run production profitably as the private sector, so invest in the same tools to maximize revenue from your prime and subcontract operations.

Unlock Expanded Capabilities for This Tool in Our Complete and Integrated Vertex System

Each software module is designed to work within the powerful Vertex System.

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