Vertex System

Vertex System modules can be used independently or as a complete and fully integrated system. Each of our IDD Software solutions are designed around specific aspects of IDD agencies to increase productivity and organization.

What is the Vertex System?

Envision your agency’s entire cycle from service, to documentation, and billing all completely connected and available on any computer or mobile device. All of our IDD Software software is cloud-based and does not require additional software investment or network infrastructure to get it up and running.

The Vertex System lets you stay connected to agency operations at all times. It features software modules that work seamlessly as one powerful, complete and integrated system for your growing organization. Using our tools will help make your team more productive and accommodate tight budgets.

Our software solutions include case management, billing, time and attendance, scheduling, accounting, fixed asset management, purchasing, financials, and production management.

Software That Scales As Your Organization Grows

Our IDD Software was made to provide your agency with the perfect solution. That’s why we give agencies the power of choice when it comes to selecting options from our software. Agencies can buy software modules as needed and choose to add features module by module. This lets IDD agencies grow and build a powerful integrated system that truly reflects their company’s needs.

Since Vertex software grows with your agency we focused our programs to help your team allocate resources and efforts towards more impactful work as you scale and grow.

Ready to Unlock Expanded Capabilities?

Each software module is designed to work within the powerful Vertex System. Click through our modules and explore their capabilities to design the best cloud based solution for your agency.

Vocational Time Manager


Time Simplicity

Vertex Production

Vertex Payroll

Vertex Financials

Case Manager

Client Payroll Manager

Billing Manager

EVV Manager

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