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I founded Vertex for two reasons: I wanted to “do something that made a difference” and be in charge of my destiny. I had passion and was not risk-averse. Starting Vertex led me to getting involved with a large agency that operated sheltered workshops and group homes locally.

Prior to this experience, I was not aware of the role that I filled. I had a step-brother with an intellectual disability. He worked on the family farm with my four siblings and me. He has since passed away after living in a group home in northern Indiana for more than 10 years. It was a result of these combined experiences that I knew what I needed to do.

Our mission is to deliver easy-to-use, affordable software that can give you more time to focus on those you serve. Working with rehabilitation agencies such as yours is the only thing we do.

Since 1981, our software has evolved from a client payroll system to a robust collection of tools built on our legacy of helping our customers by reducing administrative workload while increasing reimbursement. We are proud of what we do to help rehab agencies across the United States, with our customers reaping the many benefits.

We can reduce the workload of rehab professionals and help improve your organization’s ability to capture every reimbursement dollar available. It would be my honor to give you a product tour and learn more about how we can help your organization. 

Very best regards,

Sanford Chandler

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Randy Bentley

Director of Development

Randy Bentley provides the robust software to support Vertex customers’ various needs. “This support goes from gathering requirements from customers and our staff, designing the end solution and coordinating the development work to accomplish the needs of our customers and the company,” he says.

Randy, of Lewis Center, Ohio, started at Vertex in October 2010, bringing a wealth of software-development experience in accounting, EDI (electronic data interchange, manufacturing and medical billing applications. In his role, Randy thrives on being part of the solution to problems or challenges. He enjoys learning about and deeply understanding how customers are using Vertex’s many applications in ways the company had not intended.

Randy believes Vertex customers value how the company’s applications save them significant amounts of time while providing necessary reporting. He adds that they value the level of support they receive from the Vertex team. “I enjoy being able to work with the Vertex family and the customers we serve,” he says.

When he’s not improving or developing new Vertex software, Randy enjoys traveling with his wife, spending time with family and watching Ohio State sporting contests.

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Jeremy Harris

Director of Information Technology

Jeremy Harris oversees all technology used by customers and the Vertex team. He identifies, creates and deploys technology that enables Vertex’s customers to rest assured that their data is constantly available and secure. This Westerville, Ohio, resident joined Vertex in July 2012 after having worked in the information technology field for many years. He has helped software companies ensure data security and moved them to cloud computing solutions.

At Vertex, Jeremy also identifies ways to leverage new technology for the benefit of the company and its customers. He keeps up with the latest trends in technology and is constantly monitoring and updating controls to eliminate security risks. Jeremy is especially motivated to help serve Vertex customers because he respects and appreciates what they do in the world to help others.

“I admire what our customers do for others and get excited when I can help them serve others better due to a technical solution,” he says. Jeremy believes the reliability of Vertex’s solutions and “outstanding” customer service are valued by the company’s customers.

When he’s not helping elevate Vertex’s software solutions to benefit the company’s hundreds of customers, Jeremy spends time learning new hobbies, the latest of which include 3D printing, wine-making and flying drones. He is the proud papa of two boys and is an avid Ohio State Buckeyes fan.

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Melissa Mallory Harris

Director of Professional Services

Melissa Mallory Harris engages with Vertex customers while leading the company’s “brilliant” professional services team to help customers achieve success. This team strives for perfection in the areas of training, documentation, support and deployment of the Vertex Suite of Software Solutions.

Melissa, of Westerville, Ohio, started out at Vertex in November 2011, bringing a wealth of experience to the company. For more than 30 years, Melissa has served in the same role at companies offering software solutions, including ones designed for police and fire safety, time and attendance, and scheduling and health club management. Melissa loves talking to customers, helping solve their problems by identifying solutions to help improve their lives and those they serve.

“Vertex has the best customers ever!” she says. “They are smart, professional and yet personable and fun! I love their commitment to help those they serve and love helping them find new ways to constantly improve our solutions to help them serve better.” Melissa believes Vertex’s customers trust that the Vertex team can provide needed solutions. “Our customers rest assured that we are always here for them,” she says. “They know that we are their trusted partner and that we will do whatever it takes to help them solve or improve any obstacle in their operations.”

When Melissa is not guiding customers or Vertex’s professional services team, she’s focused on updating the company’s software solutions to help meet regulation changes, which differ state by state. In her free time, Melissa enjoys socializing with friends, floating and playing volleyball in her pool.

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