Take the paper and the work out of paperwork!

Vertex is the leading provider of software made exclusively for organizations providing vocational, day programs and residential services for adults with disabilities.


Document and Bill

Billing depends on complete documentation. Case notes and progress evaluations on paper get lost, often require duplicate entry, and errors are common. 

Combine these two crucial functions in a single online tool.


Simplify Scheduling

Managing staff coverage, shift swaps, consumer work schedules and earned time off can be frustrating and costly.

Seamlessly record piece counts, time worked and pay rates.


Boost Efficiency

For many organizations, prime and sub-contract manufacturing and assembly are key revenue sources. 

Manage sales and production, monitor profitability, and control inventory in one system.


Integrate Accounting

Connect program services and billing with scheduling and payroll with production management with Vertex:
one complete business management accounting solution connected to each product feature.


Three Reasons To Select Vertex

  1. Vertex software is made to work the way you work, thanks to decades of experience with rehab professionals like you.

  2. Mobile-friendly design for record keeping any time, anywhere.
    Staff can use their favorite devices to make paper records a chapter in history.

  3. Complete integration reduces billing time by as much as 70%.

Seeing is Believing

Schedule a simple 30-minute conference call. Invite the staff. Invite the Board. There’s no obligation, no hard sell, no salesperson will call.

We know our products can make your job easier, relieve budget pressure and enable your organization to fulfill your services mission. Let’s arrange some time to get to know you and your team.