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Vertex is the leading provider of software solutions made exclusively for organizations providing vocational, day programs and residential services for adults with disabilities. With our full suite of cloud-based modules, it’s easier than ever to determine the perfect solution for you and your business. Find the right solution for you and get back to doing the work that matters.

Why Vertex Systems?
One Vendor, All the Benefits

Don’t waste time and money on software solutions you don’t use. From case management software to financial planning and payroll, Vertex not only offers complete, comprehensive solutions that speak the same language, but we have tailored it to fit the needs of IDD and Rehabilitation agencies such as yours. 

vertex systems
vertex systems

Increase Service, Reduce Workload

With Vertex Systems, your staff will love spending more time serving clients, and your administrative office will appreciate having a reduced workload. Whether your rehabilitation agency is growing or a full-scale operation, you can improve your agency’s processes, workload, and top and bottom-line revenue with Vertex’s robust software modules.

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