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Vertex’s powerful, easy-to-use and industry-proven solutions have everything you need to manage client records, create rich documentation, collect time for clients and staff, bill funding sources and do financial accounting.


Our streamlined software is accessible wherever and whenever you need it, helping you balance client care, operational efficiency, administrative overhead and top-line revenue.


Whether your rehabilitation agency is growing or a full-scale operation, you can improve your agency’s processes and improve your top- and bottom-line revenue with Vertex’s robust software modules.

Access to

By using our robust ERP system, all your rehab agency’s programs and departments will benefit from enhanced access to actionable information.

Transform how your rehab agency works

Vertex Modules Can Be Integrated As an Enterprise Resource Planning System

Our cloud-based software—encompassing Case Manager and Billing, Time and Attendance, Financials, Payroll and Production Manager modules and based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central—work independently and can be integrated into our powerful and complete Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. By using our robust ERP system, all your rehab agency’s programs and departments will benefit from enhanced access to actionable information.

Improve Your Agency’s Effectiveness Like Hundreds of Others

Vertex’s software modules have helped optimize numerous processes at hundreds of agencies that provide day, vocational, community and residential programs across the United States. Your staff will love being able to spend more time serving clients, and your business office will appreciate having a reduced workload when your rehabilitation agency joins the Vertex family. By using our state-of-the-art, highly graphical applications, your staff will quickly enter time records, case notes, progress and support while your business office uses the same information for payroll and billing.

Transform how your rehab agency works while getting the paper and work out of paperwork!

Everyone wins while you improve your agency’s bottom line! By using our robust ERP system, all your rehab agency’s programs and departments will benefit from enhanced access to actionable information.

Change Your Workflow

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Vertex Case Manager and Service Billing

Increase the Ease and Efficiency of Documenting & Billing Services

Documenting services, case noting, progress ratings and billing funding sources has never been this simple! Our easy-to-use software helps monitor services documentation, foster compliance and accountability, and eliminate errors. Make electronic billing a breeze!

Vertex Staff Time and Attendance

Simplify Staff Time and Attendance and Scheduling

Control staff labor costs in one seamless system. Remove the frustration and needless costs connected to managing staff coverage, mobile workers, shift swaps, leave requests and earned leave time.

Vertex Production Manager

Boost Efficiency

Manage quotes and production orders, bills of material, routers, shipments, invoices, monitor profitability and control inventory in one integrated system, with our prime and subcontract manufacturing module.

Vertex Client Payroll

Streamline Client Payroll

Expedite the process of tracking prevailing wage surveys, time studies, commensurate hourly rates and piece rates. Also track productivity, job labor cost and enforce DOL compliance Eliminate paper time sheets and increase accuracy of client earnings.

In-house Payroll Processing

Streamline Staff Payroll

Maintain full control of sensitive employee data while decreasing transaction costs and eliminating processing fees by paying staff and clients using payroll for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Reporting against detailed entries per employee and department results in money and time savings compared with obtaining one-off outsourced reports.

Vertex Integrated ERP

Experience an Integrated Accounting Solution

Benefit from an integrated and complete business and operations management accounting solution, providing efficiency and economies of scale, by combining all our modules, powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

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Vertex Solutions

Transform How Your Rehab Agency Works

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