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For IDD and Rehabilitation Agencies
Spend more time doing the work that matters. Optimize your IDD agency with Vertex Systems.

Empowering Staff & Enhancing Lives:

Tailored IDD Software Solutions

Vertex software was created to empower the staff of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) agencies, rehabilitative services and NPOs with user-friendly tools that streamline daily operations and enrich the lives of the individuals they support.

Challenges IDD Agencies Are Facing

Tracking service time and delivery

Keeping up with new regulations

Monitoring staff hours and payroll

Managing business operations / ERP

Shifting from paper to digital systems

Processing multiple funding sources

Managing client demographic data

General leger and financial back office

Who We Serve

Vertex Systems is where disability services and administrative precision intersect. Specifically built to navigate billing, time and attendance, client and staff payroll, and other tasks, our human services software breathes efficiency into administrative processes—freeing agencies to elevate the lives they work with.
Our comprehensive case management software serves:
  • Non-profits
  • Individual and family care services
  • Hospitals / healthcare / rehab facilities
  • Government / municipalities / counties
  • Private Agencies
  • Production Workshops
  • Organizations Utilizing Business Central Solutions

Why Choose Vertex for Your Organization?

Streamlined Processes

Vertex’s IDD software equips organizations with automation tools that streamline tedious administrative tasks, such as scheduling, billing, and compliance reporting, enabling staff to focus on providing quality service and support.

Integrated Systems

Offering a unified platform, Vertex consolidates multiple case management facets—from case documentation to financial oversight—promoting a cohesive work environment that minimizes errors and saves time.

Accurate Data Management

With reliable data tracking and analysis features, our case management software for human services ensures precise client progress documentation, aiding in effective decision-making and optimization of client services.

Microsoft Business Central Partner

Our team streamlines back office functions with
Microsoft Business Central platforms that help with finance, production and ERP’s.

Our Products

Vertex’s integrated product suite is designed to meet the diverse and demanding needs of IDD agencies and related organizations, providing seamless integration and intuitive functionality for all management aspects of your organization. 

Client & Staff Payroll Solutions

Streamline your organization’s payroll processes with Vertex’s Client & Staff Payroll Solutions, engineered to handle complex billing scenarios with ease and precision—ensuring staff and clients are compensated accurately and on time.

  • Vertex Payroll 
  • Client Payroll Manager 

Time & Attendance Software

Get unmatched oversight and operational control with our time & attendance software, designed to manage employee hours effortlessly while ensuring accurate and timely attendance recording.

  • WorkforceHub Plus
  • WorkforceHub Advanced
  • Vocational Time Management

Case Management Software

IDD agencies, rehabs, and human service organizations can simplify reporting, tracking, and client progress analysis with our integrated Case Management Software while ensuring compliance and enhancing service delivery.

  • EVV 
  • Case Manager 
  • Billing Manager

Microsoft Business Central Software

Seamless financial management becomes effortless with Vertex, as our solution is tailored to provide robust back office tools like production and accounting that ensure financial stability and compliance while designed specifically for workflows.

Partnerships and Integrations

Partnerships and integrations are essential for IDD industry as they bring together diverse expertise, resources, and perspectives to create comprehensive solutions. Collaborating with organizations specializing in healthcare, disability support services and business software allow for a strategic approach to software development.

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Tailor Made for IDD Agencies, Rehabilitative Services & NPOs

Vertex is dedicated to serving IDD agencies, rehabilitative services, and non-profit organizations by offering technology that addresses the unique challenges faced within these sectors. Our products enhance operational efficiency, improve financial management, and support superior client outcomes by providing purpose-built features that cater to the hyper-specific needs of human service-oriented organizations. 

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