Our Partnerships

Our partnerships allow us to serve IDD organizations and ensure that no one is left behind in our mission to bring comprehensive solutions to this sector.

Building a Connected World for IDD Organizations

Every partnership we establish at Vertex Systems aims to provide a more inclusive, efficient, and connected world for IDD organizations and human services providers. By aligning with leading technology and service providers, we expand our reach, serve a broader spectrum of needs, and deliver comprehensive solutions to our valued clients.

The Importance of Partnerships in IDD Space

Partnerships play a pivotal role in the space of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), allowing us to expand our reach to new communities and ensure that no organization is left behind in our mission to bring comprehensive solutions to this sector. By collaborating, we are able to serve a broader range of organizational needs, spanning from administrative functions to services directly impacting clients. 

The partnerships below have enabled us to strengthen our concerted efforts to foster an inclusive organizational environment. Through collaboration with these like-minded organizations, committed to making a positive impact, we amplify our ability to support the IDD community effectively.

Explore Our Partnerships

We are a Microsoft Partner and Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Leveraging Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, we provide simple yet powerful financial, payroll and production management solutions tailored to the unique needs of IDD organizations. This partnership ensures seamless integration with Vertex frontend rehab systems, making it an ideal solution for organizations of any size seeking a cloud-hosted, all-in-one business solution. It also could benefit non-IDD organizations as a standalone back office ERP solution.

Our partnership with Sylogist enhances our ability to serve the IDD agency and human services sectors by integrating their comprehensive payroll add-on. From seamless payroll processing to timely regulatory reporting, Sylogist’s solutions are designed to scale based on the organizations need and boost productivity.

Our licensing agreement with JAWS enables us to enhance web accessibility significantly, making online content more accessible for individuals with vision loss. This partnership underscores our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that our software solutions are accessible to the visually impaired community, thus broadening our impact and reach.

In collaboration with TimeWorksPlus, we offer an intuitive time-tracking solution designed for IDD employees working in field or out-of-office settings. This partnership, coupled with our alliance with WorkforceHub, underscores our dedication to providing practical, user-friendly solutions for workforce management in the IDD and human services sectors.

As part of the Dura Software family alongside dbtech, we enhance our offerings with their advanced electronic forms (eForms) solution. This technology streamlines data entry, reduces errors, and boosts system integration and productivity, further contributing to our clients’ operational efficiency.

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