Who We Serve

At our core, Vertex Systems is committed to empowering small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to navigate the complexities of the digital landscape. Our innovative IDD software solutions are tailored to meet your organization’s dynamic needs.

Targeted IDD Software Solutions for a Spectrum of Specialized Fields


We empower non-profit organizations to focus on their noble missions with cutting-edge technology that streamlines operations and maximizes impact.

IDD Agencies

Our software equips IDD agencies with the tools they need to enhance care, improve outcomes, and maintain compliance with ease.

Rehabilitation Facilities

Rehabilitation facilities gain the advantage of efficient program management, allowing more time and resources to be dedicated to client success.

Disability Services Organizations

Organizations that serve the disability community find our solutions instrumental in improving service delivery and optimizing client engagement.

Sheltered Workshops

With tailored features, sheltered workshops can more effectively manage diverse job settings and participant goals.

Features That Empower Your Organization

Our IDD software ensures that your team can access important information and tools while easily connecting your agency’s services, documentation, and billing.

A Seamless, Integrated System

All Vertex customers enjoy robust functionality, module integration, frequent software updates, and support—all from one single vendor. This comprehensive approach ensures that every organization, regardless of size or specialization, benefits from a level of convenience and satisfaction that is unparalleled by other software on the market. Our customizable and easy-to-use modules are designed to meet the unique demands of your operations, making Vertex Systems not just a provider but a partner in your mission to serve.

Excellent Support You Can Rely On

Our professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional service, demonstrated by the fact that more than 92% of all support calls are answered and resolved on the first call.

Close the loop between service provision, documentation, billing, and reporting.
Choose standalone modules or bundled solutions tailored to your agency’s size and needs.
Work with experts to configure the right mix of software tools that cater specifically to your agency.

Ready to Elevate Your IDD Agency Operations?

Discover the difference that a dedicated software solution can make for your organization. Contact our team at Vertex Systems today and start crafting your perfect technology partnership.

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