Laser Focused on the Mission While Boosting Productivity: The Arnold Center

A Brief History

The Arnold Center is a not-for-profit private organization that has served the Midland, Michigan area and surrounding communities since 1967.

The Arnold Center Empowers individuals with disabilities and other barriers to independence through vocation, social, and life skill training. This includes rehabilitation and workforce development services to individuals with disabilities or barriers to employment.

Struggles Before Vertex

“Vertex always has a solution for any obstacle we present to their support staff. I love stumping the tech team to see what new solutions they can come up with!”

Life With Vertex

In the last thirty years, the Arnold Center has benefited tremendously from Vertex Systems’ ingenuity when it comes to creating lasting solutions and providing unrivaled support. With more than 40 employees using Vertex’s modules daily, it’s expected that the Arnold Center will continue to leverage these tools in the years to come.

A Few of The Arnold Center’s Favorite Features

The Vertex team is in touch with the Arnold Center weekly providing quick refreshers on how to use our tools effectively and useful support articles. The staff at the Arnold Center are confident in their ability to use Vertex’s tools thanks to the regular communication between the two teams.

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