From infographics to whitepapers, see how Vertex continues to boost IDD Agency operations and streamline workflows.

3 Ways a Robust Billing Module Helps Organizations Save Staff Hours

Download our infographic to help your organization save up to 70% in staff hours with these 3 solutions.

How Can Case Manager Transform Your Day-to-Day?

Download our infographic to learn how you can track individual progress over time, stay organized & maintain compliance with our Case Manager software.

How to Reduce Labor Costs Without Compromising Quality

Automated timekeeping can help you reduce costs without compromising quality. Download our infographic to see how you can reduce labor costs in 6 ways.

Vertex Solves for Your Biggest Staffing Challenges

Discover powerful solutions built to transform your organization’s processes while maximizing your staff scheduling for a strengthened and more resilient workforce. Download the white paper for more information.

6 Reasons Why Successful IDD Agencies Migrate Their Billing to the Cloud

When it comes to billing, there are many advantages to doing this in the cloud. Download our infographic to dive into the 6 reasons why your agency should consider this type of billing.

Elevate Your Billing: eBook

This eBook focuses on the importance of billing in the IDD agency and how billing can be a breeze if your organization has the right tools in place. Download our eBook to dive into Billing Manager. 

Manage Your Hybrid Workplace: Infographic

Online time and attendance with employee scheduling will help grow your business in a hybrid work environment. Download our infographic to learn about the tips and tricks of managing your hybrid workplace.

5 Steps to Grow Your IDD Agency: Infographic

Year over year growth for your agency is critical, especially when it comes to financial numbers and data. Find out how to grow your IDD Agency with just 5 simple steps.

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