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With our financial management software you can help your team do more in their day without getting bogged down by data overload. With two suite options you can find the perfect solution for your agency no matter the size.
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Financial Management Software That Grows With Your Agency

Using Vertex Financials, your team can manage all of the agency’s financial needs, like general ledgers, financial statements, budgeting, and more. You can unleash additional features of the base financial management software or add on products and modules as your IDD agency grows.

Vertex Financials is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central’s framework, but enhanced by Vertex to suit rehab agencies’ needs. It is the perfect solution for any size of agency. No matter if your agency is starting from the ground up or outgrowing basic financial software, there is a module that suits your needs.

Vertex Financials Starter Pack

The Starter Pack is built for small and midsize agencies that need core financials, financial management, and trade functionality.

Your team can:

Gain control and insight over finances.
Purchase and sell items and materials.
Manage and track workshop-related assembly.
Pay and manage employees.
Manage the billables generated by consultants.
Use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool to manage customer and supplier relationships as well as offer the highest quality of service and support.

Package Features:

Basic Financials Management
Basic Supply Chain and Distribution Management
Basic Human Resource Management
Extension for Assembly Management
Extension for Payroll Management

Vertex Financials Extended Pack


The Extended Pack is designed for midsize and large agencies that require advanced manufacturing, warehousing, and professional services delivery. The Extended Pack requires the Starter Pack to work, and builds up the core software and offers advanced features.

Your team can:

Utilize manufacturing to support and control the manufacturing environment.
Introduce warehousing to manage the warehouse to support operations.

Package Features:

Advanced Financial Management
Advanced Supply Chain and Distribution Management
Extension for Manufacturing

A Day With Vertex Financials

Dealing with a workshop-related job contract can require a lot of time and cause a good amount of stress. It would be much easier if you could manage the quoting, job completion, invoicing, and financials all in one place. This is exactly what Vertex’s financial management software offers. We eliminate the silo systems containing islands of information and make your process seamless. Our solution does not stop at this but goes further, helping you with all your financial analysis and reporting. Our financial management software will help you track and manage your operations, process payroll, and record financials while providing your agency convenience and satisfaction. Even better, Vertex Financials can be integrated with other Vertex solutions, creating a powerful cloud-hosted all in one agency management system.

A Closer Look at The Benefits of Vertex Financial

Shows a complete audit trail with every change made in the software. When agencies are audited this feature is exceptionally valuable to prove legibility of transactions.
Source documents could be attached to distributions. A department could easily review a charge by referring the original document allocated. Most applications lack this, creating confusion and wasting time.
Ability to setup fixed assets so they automatically drive acquisition, depreciation and disposal entries to the General Ledger, this eliminates repetitive data entry and is a considerable time saver.
Receivables, Payables, Inventory and all other sub modules are linked with the GL for online real-time data
Provides multiple / unlimited budgets to report against. Budget forecasts can easily be swapped in and out, with budgets able to be imported to, adjusted in and exported from Microsoft Excel – a 5% revision is a 5 minute task.
Through the in- built powerful financial statement writer you can create your own financial statements. Microsoft Excel integration enables the use of Jet Reports, an Excel add-on. Simply query the database to get desired reports.
Make use of a variety of journals – be it one time transactions, recurring transactions or reversals. You can save time by setting up journals for recurring transactions – when the time comes all you need to do is post!

Supports direct deposits (ACH) and positive pay which have unlocked big time savings for most agencies. The electronic bank reconciliation functionality has taken this a step further by augmenting time savings.

The solution uses windows authentication and users could be limited to their daily tasks protecting the privacy of sensitive financial data.
Extendable to work with Vertex Payroll and Vertex Production Manager to enable seamless business operations.

Designed to work within the powerful Vertex System:

Vocational Time Manager


Time Simplicity

Vertex Production

Vertex Payroll

Vertex Financials

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