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Vertex Staff Payroll is a cloud-hosted payroll processing software for IDD agencies, designed to simplify payroll tasks and make payroll information available across your system. Payroll processing and regulatory reporting is included in a module that allows you to work through your payroll processes end to end in one location.
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What Is Vertex Staff Payroll?

Tailored by Vertex to meet IDD agency requirements, this payroll software is accessible on any device. Allowing your staff to have total control over the payroll process and additional tasks. We built this software on the NaviPayroll platform, from Serenic Software, and is integrated as a payroll management and human resources module into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Vertex Staff Payroll is a powerful system that saves your team time, boosts productivity, and increases efficiency.

Capability Highlights

Our payroll software can be built to accommodate your unique payroll situation, take a look at the following valuable benefits.

Multiple Employer


You will be able to keep information for more than a single employer within the same company. Robust reporting options allow access to information for each employer or all employers together. Earnings for an employee working for more than one employer can be treated separately or combined.If treated separately, multiple W–2s, 1099’s will be printed for the employee. Specific pay rates can be assigned at the employer level.

Flexible Calculations


Any rule, including combinations for shift differentials, piece rates and work type differentials can be mathematically or logically defined in a payroll calculation. A calculation trace functionality following step-by-step methods enables your team to troubleshoot.

Post Liabilities to Accounts Payable


Gain the ability to define vendors for each tax, benefit, garnishment or other employer or employee payroll expense. This allows you to create summarized purchase invoices for individual vendors by date periods to segregate accounting duties appropriately. Print liability to AP reports with user-defined descriptions for each employee for garnishment authority and benefit provider reporting.

Post-Labor Burden


You can post employer-paid expenses directly to jobs and/or departments through periodic activity. This enables reporting to be organized for analysis purposes making it easier to track costs and tweak them to yield a profitable outcome.

Pay Structures

It’s time to simplify complex pay rates with Vertex Payroll’s Pay Structures feature. Pay Structures enables payment using a company pay grid rather than individual employee rates of pay. When new rates are required or existing rates need to be adjusted, your team can easily copy an existing pay grid with a new effective date, make the changes, and then mass update all employees for these changes to take effect. Effective dates are available through many different areas of Vertex Payroll so your team can load a new rate into the system in advance of the change. Handle changing company rates using Master Pay Structures, controlled by effective dates. Provide for a fixed grid of specific rates or a range, allowing for a position to have a minimum or maximum rate range.

Mass Updates


Mass updates allow for time savings to free up employees for other tasks. Gain the ability to update employee-specific pay or benefit rates by a percentage adjustment, amount adjustment or specific value. Or, attach groups of payroll controls to one or more employees in just one step.

Automatic Accruals


Automatically post liabilities and expenses to specific closing dates before or after the actual payroll posting date. Transactions will get posted to the general ledger in real time, enabling efficient reporting.

Direct Deposit


Define unlimited bank accounts (savings or checking) per employee for paycheck deposits. Then you can create easily imported user-defined export reports to meet specific bank requirements.

New Employee Setup Wizard


This allows you to define which fields are required when adding in a new employee, ensuring that each record has all required information.

Employee Validate Function


With this module you can determine missing details from an employee setup to ensure the system properly calculates employee taxes, benefits, garnishments and other information. This also reduces errors during payroll processing making it a smoother task.

Time Journal


Input employees’ hourly time manually or import it from a time clock or time-entering system. The system supports csv and xml-based formats. It interfaces directly with jobs, departments and resources making information capturing seamless.

Robust Reporting


The solution includes robust reporting that allows you to slice and dice your information for agency business analysis. The reports allow you to provide auditors detailed financial and payroll information allowing them to complete their audit in a timely manner. There are out of the box reports as well as user defined Payroll Schedules to meet your agency needs. All reports have the functionality to export to Excel for manipulation, garnering the data to allow further analysis.

Regulatory Reporting


Simplified interface for e-filing and other third-party tax services. Federal and State tax and regulatory updates are included with the payroll module. Print your own W-2s or have them processed for a fee. Affordable Care Act compliance provided through offer production and 1095 forms for tax reporting.

Electronic Paystubs


Paystubs could be configured for automatic emailing to streamline your distribution process to staff and clients.

Extended Human Resources Capability Highlights

Vertex Staff Payroll includes a fundamental human resources module enabling IDD agencies such as yours to efficiently direct and manage daily human resources processes. From hiring the appropriate team members and analyzing pertinent information to tracking absences and training, your agency can get the job done with minimal effort and maximum control. These capabilities include:

A Day in the Life with Staff Payroll

Imagine having all your payroll processes in one location. Maybe a software that allows you to calculate the payroll journal with the click of a button. Or confirm each employee is being paid the correct amount, with the proper deductions being taken out, in the same location. Then print and post all from the same application.

Our payroll processing software can do all of that and more.

Vertex Staff Payroll can process payroll, report to and pay regulatory agencies. While also providing a wide array of reports that allow for efficiency as well as providing your agency convenience and satisfaction.
With our solution all your liabilities can be paid by running a process that automatically transfers to a payables journal. Once transferred to the payment journal you only need to click a button to create the checks, either live or through direct deposit (ACH).
We provide a portal that allows you to run regulatory reports at the end of each quarter and the end of the year. 940, 941, W2’s, 1099’s, and ACA’s are all in one place where you can edit, print, file. You are even able to create payroll schedules you design using information to address your needs.

Even better, Staff Payroll can be integrated with other Vertex solutions, creating a powerful cloud-hosted Vertex ERP system.

How the Vertex Payroll accommodates your unique payroll situation

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