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Simplify your IDD agency’s scheduling process with our staff scheduling software.
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Staff Scheduling Software That Fully Optimize Your Agency

Time Simplicity is your ticket to streamline the creation and management of staff schedules! Our software allows you to create a balanced schedule while accommodating employee preferences, required skills, labor law constraints, and much more. Integration with TimeWorksPlus will give a complete view of planned schedules versus actual time worked, giving you more insight into how you can further optimize your agency’s time.

Provide Employees Total Access to Their Schedule

Beyond making scheduling easier for managers to oversee, it’s important to understand that your employees will benefit from this staff scheduling software. Time Simplicity allows employees to access their schedule via the app on mobile devices anytime and anywhere. When schedule changes are made your whole team can receive notifications and view them on the app. Your team members can view their schedules, swap shifts, claim open shifts and offer shifts to fellow employees.

Perks of Our Scheduling Software:

Schedule Changes
Schedule Enforcement
Schedule Access
Optimize Use of Time
Maintain Adherence

A Day With the Time Simplicity

Imagine dealing with 20 employees, including part-time and full-time team members, who work various positions within multiple departments. You’ve waded through all sorts of variables, which are probably on several spreadsheets and have your schedule set up. Then a staff member sends you an email that she can’t work next Wednesday. Then, your phone beeps with a text saying that another staff member is sick and can’t come in this afternoon. You start to wish that you had a staff scheduling software that lets you easily see who’s available to pick up a last-minute open shift. With something like that, your staff could have the ability to take care of future shift changes with fellow employees and all you need to do is click “approve.”

Easy, Simple Scheduling Forever

With Time Simplicity, you’ll create a fine tuned work schedule with your self-defined shifts. You’ll always know which shifts are filled, and which shifts still need coverage. You’ll be able to broadcast available shifts and only those people pre-qualified for the shift’s responsibilities will be able to pick up the shift. The power to monitor all activity from the device of your choice is always in your hands. Many functions will trigger an email for notification or follow up, so you are always in the know. Your staff are able to check their schedules from their phones and accept or reject schedule changes all in real time. With our scheduling software, tedious, labor-intensive follow ups are a thing of the past! Your agency will reclaim time spent figuring scheduling and start to devote that time to bettering your staff and ultimately the people you serve.

Perks of using a dynamic, multishift, requirements-based scheduling software:

Designed to work within the powerful Vertex System:

Vocational Time Manager


Time Simplicity

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