TimeWorksPlus is a game-changing, cloud-based time and attendance software made for IDD agencies.
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A Complete Timesheet Software Solution

Our time and attendance software is a complete timesheet system that enables your team to manage their schedule in real-time. You can track and record staff time, service delivery, attendance and accrual balances all within one timesheet software solution. Agencies can use this timesheet software to streamline and automate leave time requests, limit early clock-ins, and issue overtime warnings to reduce time spent on scheduling and more time spending with clients. TimeWorksPlus uses geofencing, geocoding, and IP address tracking, to offer many ways to record time and access our timesheet software no matter where you are.

TimeWorksPlus Tech

Time and attendance management no longer needs to be done on pen and paper. Our software offers a large variety of additional technologies to help modernize how your agency manages workflow.

The TimeWorksTouch clock combines the latest intelligent time clock technology with TimeWorksPlus. Our software gives managers powerful tools for labor management and cost control. We understand that accuracy is important to your agency! Our streamlined program helps keep track of all payroll activities and make changes quickly.

Our Timesheet Software is capable

Single Entry Tasks

Our time and attendance software is designed to be user friendly and quick to learn. Previous tasks that took employees hours to complete can now be done with a single entry. TimeWorksPlus time recording software provides the tools to:

A Day With TimeWorksPlus

Imagine being able to perform the same time and attendance tasks within a couple of hours instead of a couple of days. Now, imagine allowing your staff, supervisors, management, HR and accounting departments to obtain the same information daily, in real time.

TimeWorksPlus can make it happen.

Using our software, the time it takes to process time cards can be cut in half. No longer will you or your team need to rush to submit time cards to make sure to get it in by payday. Timesheet collections, reviews, edits and follow up reminders are all done and viewed within one software that everyone has access to. No more losing papers stuck between files or waiting for important data.

Your staff will no longer need to track time on a paper timecard or stand in line to punch a piece of paper with a manual time clock. With our timesheet software we use current cloud based technology that makes it so staff can record their time via secure biometric time clocks, smartphones or other electronic means. If your staff is working out in the community, time can be recorded in real time, and location verified if needed.

With a single entry, TimeWorksPlus time recording software provides the tools to:

Designed to work within the powerful Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning System:

Vocational Time Manager


Time Simplicity

Vertex Production

Vertex Payroll

Vertex Financials

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