A Solution That Transcends Change & Innovation: Lark Enterprises

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A Brief History

For 64 years, Lark Enterprises Inc. has helped adults with disabilities achieve self-reliance by providing the opportunity for them to participate in social and community events and enhance their occupational, social, independence and developmental skills.

Being able to help these individuals build comradery and support them through their journey to success is what truly drives Lark.

Struggles Before Vertex

“Before Vertex, everything was a headache. I had my paper, my team had their papers, but they never got to see my paper, and I never got to see theirs. There was no continuity of care.”

Life With Vertex

Lark is able to take a holistic approach to best serve their clients by using Vertex’s software. Since everything can be integrated, it’s easy to communicate across departments. This ensures they can take coordinated care of the client and that the client has the resources they need to effortlessly live an everyday life.

A Few of Lark’s Favorite Features

As time has progressed, their partnership has only strengthened and Lark has been able to leverage more of Vertex’s capabilities to successfully optimize their IDD agency.

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