Billing Manager

Our Vertex Billing Manager is a cloud-based invoicing system that tracks financials and authorizations in real-time, offering daily service delivery comparisons and critical error-reducing notifications.

Save Up to 70% of Staff Hours on Billing Tasks

Transform your billing operations with Vertex System’s electronic billing software tailored to the unique needs of nonprofits and IDD agencies. Enhance your financial workflow and focus on what truly matters—your mission.

Why Use Billing Manager at Your IDD Agency?

Harness Efficiency and Bolster Revenue by up to 5%

Billing Manager by Vertex Systems streamlines your billing process and unlocks up to a 5% increase in revenue. Our cloud-based accounting software for nonprofits and IDD agencies simplifies invoicing and turns data from service providers directly into documentation-ready statements. 

With insightful data analysis, data-driven decision-making becomes easier than ever, allowing your organization to boost services, cut costs, and elevate revenue and productivity. Stay vigilant with real-time information on billing-related finances and authorization amounts—your key to efficient operations.

Billing Manager users can eliminate tedious manual billing tasks, such as:

Authorization Management

Billing Calculations

Invoice Preparation

Payment Application


Experience Greater Efficiency & Accuracy in Billing Tasks


Explore the Benefits of Billing & Accounting Software for Nonprofits & IDD Agencies

Eliminate data entry and welcome enhanced precision at your organization. Vertex Billing Manager ensures each invoice reflects accurate units and dollar amounts. Additionally, our system’s notifications keep you informed about renewals and authorizations, streamlining your workflow.


Stay in Compliance

Navigate the complexities of Medicaid and other funding sources effortlessly. Our software keeps you ahead of all current billing regulations pertinent to IDD services, including electronic 837 file submissions for compatible vendors.


Advanced Reporting Tools

Efficient reporting is now easily accessible with our advanced reporting tools. Users can set the parameters and generate detailed reports within seconds to access valuable billing insights. Our team can even help you format data according to your needs for enhanced analysis.


Notifications & Reminders

Vertex Billing Manager’s proactive alerts help you stay on top of critical billing tasks. Our system notifies you of significant events, allowing you to swiftly respond to potential discrepancies, such as a client receiving unauthorized services, allowing for immediate correctional action.

Contact Vertex Systems for Revenue-Driving Electronic Billing Solutions

Ready to transform your billing process and maximize efficiency at your organization? Contact Vertex Systems today and empower your nonprofit or IDD agency’s billing workflows.

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