Accurate Electronic Billing

Our e-billing software is designed to reduce processing time, increase accuracy, and allow you to file electronically.
Billing Champion

Billing Manager

This cloud based software makes billing easier by creating invoices from the documentation your service providers enter. Our electronic billing solution tracks all your billing-related financial information and authorization amounts in real time.

Billing Manager can provide daily feedback that compares all services delivered to services authorized for each individual client. With this information, your agency is better equipped to make informed decisions about where to provide more or less service.

As a result, your agency can maximize services offered, cut down on unnecessary spending, and start increasing revenue! Some IDD agencies have seen revenue increases by up to 5 percent when they switched to our Billing Manager.

Save Time and Maximize Efficiency

Vertex’s e-billing software can save your agency up to 70% in staff hours spent on billing tasks like:

  • Managing authorizations
  • Calculation of the proper number of units and dollars to bill
  • Preparing billing invoices
  • Applying payments
  • Rebilling, if necessary


Vertex Billing Manager notifies you when certain situations happen, allowing you to react quickly to minimize the impact of any errors. If a client received services for which they are not authorized, our system will notify you. You’ll have the chance to enter the authorization or change the service code to another service.

Manage Renewals Like Never Before

The Vertex Billing Manager will notify you when an authorization is due for renewal, based on the number of days you specify. When you are ready to create invoices, simply select the funding source, the date range, and if you’d like to bill for all or selected services. Your billing will be ready in minutes. For funders that allow for electronic 837 submission, you’ll be able to send the file with one click.

Authorization Utilization Reports

Wondering how your utilization is sitting? Take a look at one of the Authorization Utilization reports that display budget vs. actual units and dollars. Need to know your outstanding billing receivables?
The A/R Analysis tool will show you what you need to see based on the parameters you specify. The same A/R Analysis allows for resends, rebills, and voids.

A Day With the Billing Manager

When it comes to accepting a new client to your program all you’ll need to do is collect basic demographic and authorization information to get them set up. Once these new clients’ time records are entered, you are ready to bill.

Service times are recorded easily! When your DSP’s and clients arrive for the day, they are “clocked-in” to record the full service session.
Transfers from one program or job are also recorded, creating a record of all activities and paid work performed by your service providers. These same time records are used to create your billing invoices.

You’ll receive a notification when electronic payments have been made. If you billed via 837, Vertex Billing Manager will also receive the electronic version of the payment. With Vertex Billing Manager, you can match payments to the actual services delivered by simply assigning a posting date. Our electronic billing solution also allows for manual payments when necessary.

Save as much as 70% in staff hours spent on billing tasks such as:

Designed to work within the powerful Vertex System:

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