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Our client payroll software meets DOL regulations for 14(c) participants while collecting, analyzing, and reporting client earnings and productivity.

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Meet The Vertex Client Payroll Manager

Our Client Payroll Manager is a powerful cloud-based tool that simplifies the processes of tracking earnings and productivity all while maintaining Department of Labor compliance. Client Payroll Manager streamlines processes for calculation of earnings under section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act while giving your staff a powerful tool they need to accurately track productivity, due dates for prevailing wage surveys, and time studies.

What makes the Vertex Client Payroll Manager unique is that it was designed with rehabilitation agencies in mind. It is an all-in-one solution to manage all aspects of your agency while remaining compliant.

Manage All Of This And More

  • Hourly rate sub-minimum wage payroll
  • Productivity calculations
  • Job labor cost
  • Benefit tracking
  • WH-226: Applications
  • Source America (NISH) reporting
  • Gross earnings calculations

Once your team has calculated total hours and earnings, they can use any payroll application or our own staff payroll software for withholdings and check printing.

A Day With Client Payroll Manager

Hiring new employees or onboarding new clients has never been easier. Through our software, you can time-study and record how well the person performs a task.

Our Vertex Vocational Time application allows you to review the time records entered into our database, allowing you to feel confident these time records are correct. So you have lees to double-check, Vertex Vocational Time catches most data entry mishaps before they happen. Or you can manually enter yesterday’s time from paper timesheets using only the 10-key pad on your keyboard for “heads-down” data entry.

With our client payroll manager, you can fulfill a request on prior earnings along with pieces completed and productivity with ease. In the case that you’re informed that you were provided an incorrect piece-rate time study and realize you have paid using the incorrect count for several months, the Vertex Client Payroll Manager Mass Adjustment corrects the pay by calculating the difference in pay.

When it’s time to update your average rates, you no longer will have to calculate each employee separately. The Update Average Rates feature calculates and updates the new rates based on the date range you provide and the pay types you select. When the time calls for quarterly reports our software can generate the NISH Quarterly Report and have an exact replica of the form you’ve been submitting.

Some notable features include the ability to:

Designed to work within the powerful Vertex System:

Vocational Time Manager


Time Simplicity

Vertex Production

Vertex Payroll

Vertex Financials

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