Client Payroll Manager

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Client Payroll Manager

Vertex’s Client Payroll Manager streamlines the processes of tracking prevailing wage surveys, time studies, commensurate hourly rates and piece rates while giving your team a powerful cloud-based tool to accurately calculate earnings and track productivity, all with Department of Labor compliance. Client Payroll Manager streamlines this process for calculation of earnings under section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act while giving your staff a powerful tool they need to accurately track productivity and due dates for prevailing wage surveys and time studies while ensuring Department of Labor compliance.

Our proprietary and cloud-based Client Payroll Manager is designed for rehab agencies to manage all aspects of piece and hourly rate subminimum wage payroll, including productivity calculations, job labor costing, benefit tracking, WH-226: Application for Authority to Employ Workers with Disabilities at Subminimum Wages, Source America (NISH) reporting and gross earnings calculations. Once your team has calculated total hours and earnings, they can use any payroll application or Staff Payroll for withholdings and check printing.

A Day With Client Payroll Manager

With payroll day fast approaching, you realize you need to update several prevailing wages and enter demographic information for three new employees. Several employees have recently had time studies completed and need to have their information updated so they are paid correctly. On top of this, way too many of your staff members have yet to turn in their paper timesheets. Add to the mix the fact that the minimum wage pay rate has changed. Meanwhile, your executives are expecting their end-of-month reports, and there are a dozen other things to do! You are juggling a lot of tasks!

Now imagine using software that lets you update a prevailing wage once for all the work that is done for that wage type. This solution lets you group employee productivity rates by type of work so all work that’s a certain type of work can use the same productivity rate. Plus, it calculates the average hourly rate based on your defined period. By incorporating Vertex Vocational Time Manager, you can record the time and job entry to the floor so staff can enter time as it happens. This gives them real-time information on how to correct invalid records before seeing them in the business office. Reporting is a breeze! The software includes timesheet and payroll edit reports, employee productivity, job history, customer reports, employee demographics and more.

Some notable features include the ability to:

Designed to work within the powerful Vertex Enterprise Resource Planning System:

Vocational Time Vault


Schedule Simplifier

Production Manager

Payroll Custodian

Financial Facilitator

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