Client Payroll Manager

Our client payroll software meets DOL regulations for 14(c) participants while collecting, analyzing, and reporting client earnings and productivity.

Exceed Compliance Standards While Streamlining Payroll Processes

Client Payroll Manager is a vocational rehabilitation payroll software designed exclusively for IDD agencies, rehabilitation agencies, and other human services organizations. Our robust platform ensures that you meet DOL regulations for 14(c) participants with ease, offering a comprehensive suite of tools for accurately tracking client earnings and productivity.

Streamline Calculating Client Payroll for 14C Vocational Rehabilitation

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Client Payroll Manager is IDD agencies’ cloud-based ally in simplifying the complex process of managing earnings and productivity. In addition to helping organizations stay compliant with Department of Labor regulations, it makes calculating earnings in line with section 14c of the Fair Labor Standards Act a seamless process. Moreover, Client Payroll Manager’s integration with payroll functions makes withholdings and check printing straightforward tasks.

Experience Wide-Ranging Benefits When Using Vertex's Vocational Time Application


Eliminate Paper

Now, agencies can eliminate paper timesheets and the costs associated with them, transforming payroll processing into an organized and cost-effective operation.


Increased Accuracy

Our vocational time application minimizes manual data entry while providing precise calculation abilities for error-free payroll with each use.


Remain Compliant

Our software’s built-in compliance features make it easy to uphold the DOL’s stringent guidelines.


Streamline Payroll Processes

 Enjoy a smoother payroll process from start to finish, saving you time and reducing the potential for errors.


Advanced Reporting

Generate necessary reports like the NISH Quarterly Report with ease, providing a replica of the forms you’re accustomed to submitting.

Leverage Comprehensive Features for Greater Productivity & Compliance

Get Started with Client Payroll Manager

Ready to transform how you manage client payroll? With advanced features designed to meet the unique needs of the human services sector, Vertex’s vocational time application and human services software is your comprehensive solution to client payroll. Contact the Vertex team today for a demo.

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