EVV Manager

Meet federal requirements while collecting critical service documentation

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EVV Manager

Utilizing information from Vertex Case Manager, EVV Manager’s expanded functionality enables it to record all services, helping simplify the work agencies do while having access to accurate information. Additionally, GPS coordinates can pinpoint when an agency caregiver arrives at and leaves a location.

A Day With EVV Manager

Imagine dealing with the complex task of verifying the location where a service was provided. You need to carry a separate device just to track and verify your location. And then, on top of everything else, you have to record service time and take notes about everything that happened during the visit. Now, imagine the direct service provider selects the next visit on his or her cell phone or tablet in hand, selects the consumer from the list of today’s appointments and then receives turn-by-turn directions to the location.

Upon arrival, the provider clicks to start the service, and the GPS location is automatically recorded. At any time, the DSP can enter or dictate notes pertinent to the visit, and, when the visit is finished, all you need to do is obtain the client’s signature. All the required data is seamlessly passed to Vertex Case Manager and, in turn, to your state’s Medicaid agent.

Here’s a few ways EVV Manager optimizes your workflow:

Designed to work within the powerful Vertex System:

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