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Vertex’s EVV Advocate is a tailor made app created to assist IDD agencies collect and report service time and location information as mandated by the 21st Century Cures Act Section 12006(a).
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Meet The EVV Advocate

As an IDD agency, your documentation of staff, services, billing, and feedback needs to be precise and organized to help keep you and your staff running smoothly all while maintaining federal requirements. EVV Advocate is a critical component in your home care management software tool kit.

EVV Advocate is available to download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. Our home care management software pinpoints, stores, and reports the DSP’s location at the start and finish of a session. Session notes can be entered, signend, and collected all before the session is marked as complete. A completed session is automatically transmitted to the Vertex Case Manager database, and automatically uploaded to your State’s aggregator.

EVV Advocate Optimizes Workflow

Vertex understands that there are a lot of working parts that go into the day to day activities of an IDD agency while staff are delivering service in the field. Our staff management solutions simplify home health management and workflow to help you optimize your service time while in the field.

Pinpoint Arrival and Departure

The EVV App utilizes your device’s GPS to record the present location at the time the service is started. Vertex Case Manager pre-scheduled service events automatically display on the user’s device with turn-by-turn directions. When they arrive, the service provider starts and ends the service recording all within the app.

Track feedback

The DSP can enter notes throughout the service. Once completed, agency management can access all information entered via the Vertex Case Manager.

Ensure accurate billing

Vertex Billing Manager utilizes the same service records created by EVV Advocate, simplifying billing even further.

Accurate and complete reporting

The EVV App automatically uploads the EVV service delivery information directly to your State’s aggregator. Before sending the records, Vertex Case Manager double-checks for errors that might cause a rejection and alerts you before the record is sent minimizing a reimbursement delay.

A Day With EVV Advocate

With our Home Care Management software everything DSPs need are located within one location. Daily schedules and client information are readily available whenever service providers need it.

When arriving at a session they can start the service session right from the app to help keep accurate reporting.
If this was not a pre-scheduled session, the DSP can create a new session by selecting from a list created by your agency and specify the service the DSP is providing. The new location will automatically be logged via GPS.
During service the DSP can enter notes with ease to help create detailed reports. When the session is complete, the DSP can collect a finger drawn signature and end the session, all within the same app.

If providers are connected to the Internet, the service information is automatically synced to Vertex Case Manager. If no Internet connection is available, the service information is stored on the device and will automatically upload when a connection is available.

Here’s a few ways EVV Manager optimizes your workflow:

Designed to work within the powerful Vertex System:

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