Enable Software that Overcomes Staffing Challenges

Enable Software that Overcomes Staffing Challenges

 Historically, IDD and rehabilitation agencies are facing high turnover rates and staffing crises. When it comes to managing staffing issues in rehabilitation agencies, developmental disability facilities, and IDDs, it often takes an entire department. Managing shifts, scheduling double shifts, booking and billing are just a few areas that need monitoring. Ensuring this is done daily requires the technology tools to accomplish these items as well as experts to manage them, which takes time, attention to detail and often creates a serious hassel.

There’s no need to spend time manually managing your staff in the technological era, especially when Vertex is here to make life easier. We know creating, assigning, managing, and tracking staff patterns requires serious attention because it provides historical data that informs future decisions. Once input is refined and data is managed, your process should be streamlined and accurate!

The first step to solving your staffing challenges is to find a solution that streamlines your process and overcomes employee challenges. With our software, you can manage all facets of your agency staffing from any location on any device with just a few clicks. This blog highlights the benefits of Vertex software that are critical to the success of your agency.

Time Savings

Requesting PTO, scheduling a shift, or even a double shift requires employees to take time out of their work hours to go through this process and wait for approvals. But with Vertex’s streamlined technology, this circle ends in just a few minutes, saving employees’ time to concentrate on other critical tasks and projects. Your team can assign and schedule their responsibilities with a few clicks, boosting the productivity of your team and agency at large.

Accuracy and Efficiency

Overlapping and malfunctioning of schedules can easily be avoided with Vertex. Even if your agency has multiple offices with interlinked staffing schedules, Vertex helps to alleviate duplication by syncing data in real-time.

You can accurately schedule all shifts with no time gaps, and fill empty shifts simultaneously.

It’s a cloud-based system, so any of your authorized employees can access it from any location. This keeps your workforce connected and improves communication, ultimately enhancing the effectiveness of your organization.

Reporting and Tracking

Vertex comes with a complete employee tracking and attendance system. With accurate geofencing and precise location determination, your team can easily take control of staff activity during working hours. With quick attendance tracking and accrual balances update, communication among teams is quick and efficient. Reporting lags, showing paid leave, and marking outcomes of the day can easily be streamlined with Vertex.

Resolving Lags

The Time Simplicity software module helps teams communicate and resolve schedule changes. The quick notification system keeps everyone in the loop. The complete day progress of staff can easily be analyzed by the management team. Upcoming employee time off and compensation can be easily updated in real-time.

Billing Per Working Time

At the end of the month, you can check the time spent by each employee on any particular project so they can be paid accordingly. Vacation, holidays, bonuses, extra time, and more can be considered when calculating pay. With Vertex, everything is just one click away. The integration of our Case Manager and Billing modules saves you time and ensures accuracy.

At Vertex, our team is committed to facilitating IDDs and rehabilitation agencies with our innovative tools and exceptional customer support. Our system offers many other benefits to help your agency exceed your customer expectations. To learn more about our modules, schedule time with our team!

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