Adding Simplicity Role Names to a Security Role in Case Manager

Adding Simplicity Role Names to a Security Role in Case Manager

Simplicity Roles indicates which of the areas a Security Role group will have access to in Case Manager.  This article explains how to limit access for Security Roles you have in your Organization using Simplicity Role Names.

To learn more about setting up the initial Security Roles, see the article, Adding Security Roles in Case Manager.

  1. Select Admin from the Case Manager Menu.
  2. Select Intuition | Security | Roles. security roles
  3. Click on the Role you want to edit.
  4. Enter the Simplicity Role names needed for this Security Role.

Simplicity Role names must be entered exactly as listed below and have a comma separating each one (no spaces).  The following list of Simplicity Role Names is provided with Case Manager.

Simplicity Role Name Description
Admin Menu Access to get to the Administration area of Case Manager (except Simplicity) .


Referrals and Internal Communications.


Setup and manage information about consumers.
Delivery Case Notes, Progress Notes, Supports and Service Delivery.
Document Management Access to upload and manage Documents On File.
Employment Access to track and manage the placement process for employees.
Full Access Allows the group to access everything in the system.
Health Record Diagnosis, Medical Visits, Medications, etc.
Lookups Ability to add items to a lookup list.
NonAdmin Menu Everyone must have either AdminMenu or NonAdmin Menu (except Full Access Team Members)
Organization Lookup tables core setup (versus the inline lookup entry listed above).
Planning Entry and management of Service Plans, Outcomes and Objectives, etc.
Program Setup Programs along with its providers, locations and times.
Readonly Every group should have this (except for Full Access.)
Simplicity Security This should only be available for Sr. Technical Resources.
Staff Adding and editing Staff Members, their certifications and workgroups.

Following is an image of a completed Simplicity Role Names section.  Note that there is a comma between items and that there are no spaces between the items.  There is no comma at the end of the list.

simplicity role names

5. Click Save and Close.

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