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Billing Manager – Billing Process Checklist

A checklist to assist with processing billing.

Done X What How
  Check for Unsigned Records
  1. From the Intuition by Vertex Dashboard, view the Awaiting Approval or Signing count in the
    Attention Needed: Documentation section. Only records that have been signed and/or approved are billable.

  2. Click the icon to view and finalize the records to be included in your billing.

  Check for Unmatched Records
  1. From the Intuition Dashboard, view the Unmatched Records count in the Attention Needed: Billing section. Click the icon to view the individual records. Any records displayed will not be billed.
  Create the Billing Batch
  1. From the Intuition Dashboard, click the Bills icon on the Work With panel.
  2. From the Batches screen, click New
  3. Select the Funding Source to bill or use the default to create bills for all your funding sources
  4. Enter a description for this batch such as June 1 – June 31 2018.
  5. Enter Start and Stop dates for the services to include in the batch.
  6. Click Save
  Confirm Batch
  1. Click the Description of the batch to view the consumers included in the batch.
  2. Click the name of each consumer to view the detail for the consumer.
  3. Click the Edit Report icon to view the bill lines
  Create Invoice
  1. When the contents of the batch are confirmed, click Create Invoice from the Batch screen.
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