Delete Time Records In Adjustment Pay in Client Payroll Calculator

Delete Time Records In Adjustment Pay in Client Payroll Calculator


Time records cannot be deleted directly from Adjustment Pay, but they can be set to a zero elapsed time. This has the overall effect of erasing the time and has the same effect on earnings and productivity as if the record did not exist in the first place. Keep in mind that:

  • The earnings for piece-rated records are not affected by the length of the time record. Only a change to the piece count will change the pay. So if the time record being ‘deleted’ is a piece-rated record, both the elapsed time and piece count will have to be set to 0 in order to get a pay result of $0.00 for that record.
  • If a time record’s pay value is based on time (not pieces), creating a 0 length time record will reduce the pay for that record to $0.00. 
  • Creating 0 length time records can lead to negative pay and an inability to build a payroll batch.

If the time record uses elapsed time

Change the elapsed time value to 0. 

If the time record uses start and stop times and the agency is using a version of CPC that supports start/stop times in Adjustment Pay

Change the start and stop time to the same value. For example, set both the start and stop time to 8:00am. Using the same start and stop time in normal Time Entry is not allowed, but is in Adjustment Pay.

There are scenarios that can make this process more difficult. For example, an agency may have a situation where a consumer has 5 time records for the day 4 of them are not valid and need to be ‘deleted’. The fifth needs to be 6 hours in length, from 8:00am-2:00pm, to cover the entire day. Unfortunately, whichever record was adjusted last in the sequence will be disallowed due to overlapping time, no matter what times were used and no matter which record it is that is adjusted last. The steps below will correct the records. These could be adapted in a similar scenario:

  1. Use Adjustment Pay for each of the records that needs to be deleted and make the following changes to each time record:
    1. Changed the work date to a day on which no work happened (for example, the Saturday prior to the actual work date).
    2. Set the start time for the time record to 8:30am and the stop time for the record to 8:30am, creating a 0 elapsed time.
      • All of the 0 length time records must use the same start and stop times. It is not acceptable to have one record that uses a start and stop of 8:00am and then another that uses 8:15 am and so on. The records moved to the non-working day must all use the same start/stop time combination.
  2. Used Adjustment Pay for the remaining record, which needed to span the entire day, and set the start time to 8:00am and the stop time to 2:00pm. 
    • Because the ‘deleted’ records have been moved to a different work day (step 1.a above), their time does not overlap the real time record on the actual work day, and the record is allowed. 
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