Entering a Delivered Support separate from a Service Session in Case Manager

To enter an ad-hoc Progress Record, see Entering a Progress Record separate from a Service Session in Case Manager.

To enter an ad-hoc Case Note, see Entering a Case Note separate from a Service Session in Case Manager.

Delivered Supports can be entered via the Add Documentation icon:

Add ad hoc

The icon is available from: 

  • My Page
  • Sign Page
  • Approve page
  • Location Review page
  • Provider Review page
  • Documentation Review page
  • Consumer page
  • Consumer Card

Entering a Support 

  1. Clicking anywhere on the Add Documentation icon displays the documentation type choices. 
  2. Select Support.
  3. If you are selecting the Add Documentation icon from your My Page Toolbar, you’ll be presented with a record for the first person in your Consumer Quick View list.  To select a different consumer, use the directional arrows to move forwards or backwards to find the consumer for the delivered support. ad hoc select consumers
  4. If you select Add Documentation from a Consumer page, you will automatically have that consumer selected.

  5. Click the dropdown to select the delivered support.

  6. The Date defaults to today’s date.  Change the date if necessary.
  7. The Time defaults to the time the record was created.  Change the time if necessary.
  8. Accept the Service Location or change to another service location if necessary. complete ad hoc support
  9. Select Save & Close
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