Error calculating earnings: The Pay Code assigned to this step does not have a calculation method set

NOTE: An External Troubleshooting article also exists and directs customers to call Vertex. This article contains the internal solution to fix the error. 

While attempting to build a payroll batch, the following error appears:

“Error: Creation of payroll record for Employee #XXXX-Emp Name, 11/17/1858, Job/Acct#, Step # failed with message:
Error calculating earnings: The Pay Code assigned to this step does not have a calculation method set.  You can correct this in the Pay Code lookup, where you set up the step.

The payroll batch cannot complete the build and must be aborted.”


This error occurs due to an adjustment that was only partially completed.  To fix the problem, you must find and delete the incomplete adjustment record. However, the problem record will not be visible in Adjustment Pay.  As a result, the solution requires use of DB Explorer (see Additional Comments if the caller does not have DB Explorer installed). 

  1. Record the employee number from the error message.
  2. Abort the payroll build.
  3. Open DB Explorer.
  4. Click the + sign beside Pathway.
  5. Provide the SYSDBA password (usually masterkey) and click OK.
  6. Click the Enter SQL tab in DB Explorer.
  7. Directly under the Enter SQL tab, in the large entry space, insert the following SQL statement:

    select * from employee where emp_number='<employee number from error message>’

  8. Click the Execute Query button (lightning bolt) on the right side of the window.
  9. The query should retrieve one record, which will appear in the lower part of the DB Explorer window. Make a note of the employee_ID value for the record.
  10. Delete the SQL query in the upper part of the window.
  11. Insert the following SQL statement:

    select * from time_records where employee_id='<employee ID>’ and time_payroll_record_type_id = ‘1002’
  12. Execute the query.
  13. All pending adjustments for the employee will be displayed. 
    • If there is more than one adjustment record, compare these records with those showing in the Adjustment Pay subject to determine which record is missing from this subject. This could require significant investigation, as there is no overt indication on the records of which is causing the problem. Additional steps and suggestions will be provided as they become available.
  14. Once you have determined which record is causing the problem:
    1. In DB Explorer, Use the Options menu to select Query… 
    2. Check ‘Request live queries’.
    3. Click OK. 
    4. Rerun the query.
    5. Click the record you want to delete.
    6. Click the minus sign at the top right of DB Explorer.
    7. Click OK to the Confirmation message.
  15. Close DB Explorer.  
  16. Redo adjustments in Client Payroll Manager as needed.

Attempt to rebuild the payroll. 

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