Negative Client Payroll Calculator Payroll Adjustments


There are a few processes users can use to address the issue. 

  1. If the adjustments are negative and you want CPC to send the “negative” amount across to your accounting package it cannot.
  2. A payroll advance can be entered for the employee to create a “wash”/ $0 balance so payroll can process.
    1. If you go to payroll advance and enter the amount of the negative adjustments for the employee from the adjustment report.
    2. Payroll Advance | Employee | Add Select payroll Advance| add advance amount (the negative amount as positive amount) | Add Reason } Click Okay
      payroll Advance
    3. If you do not want the adjustments to process a negative adjustments, go to adjustment pay
    4. select the employee and the transaction then click undo; each line will need to be undone separately.
    5. Payroll Advance } Employee | Date Range } transaction |Undo

adj pay-1


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