Saving user’s personal setting from being overwritten during an update in Navision

There is no way to stop this completely, if the object is replaced, the personal settings within that object will be gone. However, there is a way to minimize the impact and avoid losing all zup files when any update is done. 

In order to save a user’s personal settings (filters, preferences, etc.) so they don’t get overwritten when an update is done, you can rename the zup file on the workstations and add a parameter referencing it in the shortcut to Vertex Financial Manager.

  1. Search for the *.zup file on the workstation. In Windows 2000, this file will be under Documents and SettingsUserApplication Datafin.zup.
  2. Create a new .zup file to something unique, for example, [username]v[xxxx].zup. This would indicate the user and the date when the file was created.
  3. On the desktop, right click on the shortcut icon and select properties.
  4. On the shortcut tab, locate the Target line. At the end of the Target line, type a blank space and enter the following: ID=[usernamevxxx].zup (Use whatever file name you created in Step 2 above).
  5. Click OK.
  6. Repeat these steps for each Navision workstation install. 

When Navision switches to a version where the personal settings are stored in a personal settings table on the database, this problem will go away, but until then, this is a way to minimize the impact on less than full updates.

We also recommend that if there is complicated report requests or extremely important filters/preferences/settings, the user perform a print screen of the settings and keep them in a binder for those times when an update has wiped out those settings.

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