Suggest Vendor Invoices Process results in no records for vendors with open invoices

Cause: The Vendor Ledger Entries (posted AP transactions) have open Credit Memo and/or Payment transactions that have not been applied to invoices.

Solution: Print an Aged Accounts Payable Report and review all open credit memo and/or payment transactions.  When you find the transaction

  1. Open the Vendor Card
  2. Open the Vendor Ledger Entries by clicking on the Ledger Entries button in the Home Menu|History 
  3. Select the open credit memo or payment transaction in question
  4. Set this transaction as your applying entry. This moves this entry to the header and removes it from the list
  5. Choose the invoice or transaction that you would like to apply this against and press Set Applies to ID
  6. Press Post Application to post the applications.
  7. Repeat the application process for any additional open transactions for this, or any other vendors 
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