Understanding My Page Sections in Case Manager

Understanding My Page Sections in Case Manager

If your My Page is different, it’s likely because your agency has a customized version of Case Manager.

(For an explanation of the icons on your My Page Toolbar, see Understanding the My Page Toolbar in Case Manager.)

My Page Sections

This is how a My Page displays.

my page

Quick Tasks

Quick Tasks is where you’ll enter and edit service session information.

quick tasks

Consumer Quick View

Consumer Quick View is used to change the listing of visible consumers. Click the drop-down arrow to change to a pre-defined People Group or select from the default My Caseload.

consumer quick view

Time and Sessions Calendar

Time and Sessions, also known as the Calendar, displays service sessions that have been scheduled as well as sessions that you have manually entered.  The status of each session is color-coded for quick assessment.  If your service sessions are pre-scheduled, click the session to begin documentation for that session.

my page calendar

In Time and Sessions, look for the color-coded legend of record status: 

Red represents Error and  indicates there is a requirement that has not yet been fulfilled—such as a missing Progress Rating or a Service Note.

Yellow represents Warning and indicates there is something that you should be aware of but you can continue forward—such as;  the system was expecting the client to be there for 6.5 hours and was only there for 3.

Green represents Ready indicates all requirements have been met and the records are ready to be signed.

Blue represents  Signed and indicates the Provider has signed the records and the records are waiting for a Supervisors to Approve the records (if Approvals are required).

Gray represents Completed and indicates the record has been Signed and Approved.  If you are using integrated Service Billing, it is then the completed records are ready to be billed.

To view your calendar for a month:

  • Click the Flyout Arrows. calendar fly out arrows
  • Click Month. calendar month

Each day you provided service is color-coded with dots using the same color-coding as above.  This presents a snapshot of every day of the month and provides a valuable visual cue of outstanding issues that need to be addressed.

color coded month

Click the lower portion of the day of the week.  All the records for that day will appear in summary format.

color coded day summary

By clicking on any of the records in the list, you will be taken to the Service Session(s) to make any necessary adjustments.

service sessions

Click the numeric value for the day (1-31) to access the calendar view for the day of the month that you selected.

calendar day



Active Consumers displays the count of how many persons your agency is serving that you have permission to see.  This tile will not display a list of consumers.  For a listing of consumers, select Consumers from the Menu at the top of the page.

Attendance displays the count of how many of the Active Consumers you can see have a time record for today.  This tile does not display a listing of the consumers.  To access a listing of consumers, select Consumers from the Menu.

Open Incidents is a live tile that display a list of incidents assigned to you that do not yet have a close date. Clicking the tile displays a listing of your open incidents for further processing.

Document Count displays the number of uncompleted or incorrect records.  Select the tile to view the records.

Rejected Records are your records that have been rejected by your supervisor. Clicking the tile displays a list of rejected records. You will see the reason given for the rejection so you can edit the record as directed.

Working with a Consumer Card

consumer card

Consumer Card provides the easiest access to consumer information; any Alerts (highly pertinent information such as high-risk areas), Case NotesProgress records, Supports, and Doc Review.   By default, Consumer Cards for persons on your My Caseload display.  To see a Consumer Card for a person not on My Caseload, select All Consumers in the People Group listing.


From this page, you will be able to see person-centered plan items such as What Works, What Doesn’t Work and What is Important to the consumer.  You will also see the consumer’s calendar and any scheduled or completed sessions for the day.  You may expand that view to see the week or month and may scroll between days, weeks and months. 

Also displayed are the most recent Interactions with other team members as well as the consumer’s ObjectivesDiagnosis, and which Programs the consumer is currently enrolled.

consumer profile Alerts

Alerts displays information critical to the wellbeing of the consumer. 

consumer card alerts

The count of alerts for a consumer displays if the consumer has active alerts.  Select the Alerts icon to display the text of the alert(s).

alert displayed

Case Notes, Progress and Support

Selecting any of the icons puts you in data-entry mode for the record type you select.

documentation icons

Doc Review

Use Documentation Review to review the consumer’s documentation for the day or to enter new records. 

documentation review Select the Details Icon to display more information.

documentation details

If you use Add Documentation to add a case note or progress record, these notes will not be part of a service delivery session.  The records will be independent.  If you want the note or progress record to be considered a part of the service delivery session, click Edit (the pencil) to add the information to the service delivery session.  You must be in the service delivery record to add documentation to that service delivery session.








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