Understanding the Menu in Case Manager

Understanding the Menu in Case Manager

While the My Page Toolbar in Case Manager displays information about the people you serve, the Menu provides information about consumers and staff that may not be directly working with you.  In either case, you’ll only be able to see the consumers and/or menu items to which you’ve been granted access.  If something is not on your menu that a colleague has, and you feel you should have access to that information, contact your internal Vertex Case Manager Administrator.

The Menu is always available regardless of where you are or what you are working on within Vertex Case Manager.  You might need to scroll to the top of the page to see the menu, but it will always be there at the top.


If you do not see a menu at the top of the page, see the article Menu Not Displaying in Case Manager.

Menu Item Description

cm menu

My Page returns you to your My Page. 

Consumers displays a listing of all the consumers you have permission to see. 

Documentation is used to access case notes, progress records, and service time records for all consumers that you are permitted to see. 

Summaries are used to review documentation then create periodic summaries such as Monthly or Quarterly summaries. 

Staff is used to access another user’s My Page. 

Reports provide information regarding consumer demographics, service time, case notes, and scheduling information. 

Scheduling is used to create consumer and provider schedules that are based on service locations, activities, consumers and a provider. 

Admin is used to create new users, reconfigure pages, change field labels, and the like.  Most users will not see the Admin menu. 

Time and Attendance is an add-on application that is used to capture staff time to be used for your staff payroll.  Additional information and separate documentation is provided if you will be using Time and Attendance. 

VComm is an add-on application that functions as a simple email tool that wholly operates within VERTEX CASE MANAGER.  You can send and receive messages, attach documents, and communicate with other Vertex Case Manager users. 

VDoc is Vertex Case Manager’s Document Management Tool referred to as Documents on File. 

Sign Out should be selected every time you leave your workstation or are finished using your mobile device.

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