Working With Incidents in Case Manager

Working With Incidents in Case Manager

Entering an Incident

Regardless of which incident type you are working with, to create a new incident:

  1. From the consumer’s Toolbar, select Health Record. toolbar health record
  2. Scroll to locate the incident type you require.
  3. Click + to the right of the incident type name. incident type
  4. Each of the incident types contains a header section for dates, persons responsible, location, and filing information.  Below is an example of header information from a Seizure Incident: incident section
  5. Following the header information is the content area.  Complete the information as required by your organization.
  6. Click Save & Close on the toolbar when completed.
  7. To Edit a saved incident, click the pencil to the left of the incident.

Printing an Incident Report

  1. Select Reports from the Menu. cm menu
  2. Navigate to Health Record.  Each of the Incident types has its own report. health record
  3. Regardless of which report selected, you’ll be prompted for a Start Date, End Date, and Consumer. 
  4. For Incident, select from a list of incidents that occurred during the date range you’ve just entered. select incident on report

Incident Report Examples

behavior incident example

incident report example

critical incident example


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