Maximizing Vertex Systems’ Case Manager Part 1: Adding New Users & More

IDD agencies looking for a comprehensive case management software can gain tremendous advantages with a system like Vertex Case Manager. This powerful tool allows you to track your clients’ progress every step of the way, from enrollment to discharge. With added features for greater compliance as well as a user-friendly interface, Case Manager is essential for busy IDD agencies. In this 3-part blog series, we will go over maximizing Case Manager’s capabilities with its various features and capabilities. Here, we will go over adding new users and configuring provider and staff information for smarter record keeping.

Adding New Users in Case Manager

Adding new users in Case Manager is a fairly straightforward process, and ensuring you get the steps right the first time around will  save you a lot of headache down the road. Your first step will be to create a person record. To do so, you’ll want to access “Admin” from the menu, then proceed to click through “Intuition” > “Organization” > then “Persons.” From there, select the plus sign and proceed to fill out the appropriate information. When it comes to indicating what role this person is in, most users will select the provider, staff, and user. Once you get this down, the rest will follow.

Configuring user information  is crucial in order to give you user credentials and get you up and running quickly. First, select “Admin” > “Intuition security” > “Users.” Proceed to edit the person’s information using the pencil icon next to their name. It’s important to note here that vertex cloud customers must email the new user’s first and last name to the support team Vertex’s dedicated team will then get back to you with the new user’s credentials. In the username field, ensure that you enter vtxcloud\[User Name]. For premise based customers on the other hand, users will enter “domain name\[user name].

Configuring Provider & Staff Information

Configuring provider and staff information follow a similar cadence, albeit with a few key differences. For configuring provider information, ensure that you scroll down to the field that says “Give consumer visibility to,” then proceed to choose a value that most closely represents a service from the provider, allowing the system to display a combination of service and location. In effect, a hierarchy is established which enables you to control which users see other user’s records.

When configuring staff information, you’ll want to follow the same steps as above, except “Gives consumer visibility from” it will be “Gets” instead of “Gives.” A typical user will have the same Gets as the Gives listed in the user’s Provider record, and supervisors and managers will get from a level below theirs.  This setting tells case management which records should be displayed to the supervisor or manager for review.

Conclusion: Case Manager is User-Friendly & Essential for IDD Agencies

IDD agencies need a case management system that is both user-friendly and efficient. Vertex Case Manager excels in both of these categories, making it the perfect choice for agencies who want to keep track of their clients’ progress with ease. Record keeping with Case Manager is made  simple with its intuitive interface, and its compliance features give IDD agencies the peace of mind they need. If you’re interested in learning more about how our case management software can benefit your IDD agency, contact us today.

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