Tailor a Solution to Fit Your IDD Needs

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When working with software for Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) and rehabilitation agencies, there are many items that need to be evaluated when utilizing a system for payroll, hiring and productivity. Using software that is specifically tailored for your industry creates ease, convenience and accuracy. A tailored solution that serves your team and its customers is a requirement. Before asking for something specific, it is important to address the areas below, so that the best tailored solution can be configured for your agency. 

Understand IDD Regulations and System Requirements

There is no question the business side of the IDD industry is complicated. Working within the confines of government regulations, funder-specific compliance documentation, and billing rules can be a daunting task. 

With all the rules you need to follow, software applications not created specifically for the IDD marketplace will most likely not meet your needs. Standard payroll applications do not take into account the Department of Labor (DOL) rules you need to adhere to when working in the regulations of sub-minimum wage payroll.  

It’s critical for your agency to keep track of prevailing wages, time studies, productivity rates, and jobs with sometimes countless steps. After-the-fact adjustments to payroll, when they occur, due to missing a prevailing wage change or forgetting to add an updated time study can take days to correct. In fact, most payroll applications do not have special tools for making simple payroll changes. A payroll product created for the IDD industry understands all the regulations you follow. It does the “heavy lifting” of remaining compliant less taxing.

Evaluate Your Challenges and IDD Needs

Many agencies on the IDD realm are also production shops that deliver piece rate and other services to community organizations. Whether packaging, shredding, folding, stuffing, or assembling, you’ll need to keep detailed records. This includes the number of pieces completed and/or the hours worked so you can invoice the organizations for your work. You’ll also need to pay your workers and bill for the service time provider. That’s a lot of record keeping and a lot of paper. 

But what if you only offer day services or home-based services? Perhaps you only work with community placement. You have no need for an application that calculates consumer payroll, but you need a way to log service time and progress on objectives. You also need a billing solution. However, you already have an accounting package in place that is meeting your needs, so you don’t need a full-fledged account system. 

A solution that is tailored to your agency’s mission is critical to your success and bottom line. Many of the software packages offer more than you need or don’t let you start small and add on as your needs change. Being able to implement only what you need when you need it is both cost and time effective.

How Vertex Tailors a Solution to Your IDD Needs

Our software solutions are cloud-based and require no software investment or network infrastructure to get you up and running. They help you stay connected to agency operations. Envision your agency’s entire cycle—from service to documentation and billing—being completely connected. And it’s available on any computer or mobile device.

The Vertex Systems suite of tools features software modules that work seamlessly as one powerful, integrated system for your organization. 

For those not ready for the full suite of services, our software modules are offered independently. Modules are also offered in bundles based upon the needs of your agency. Whether it’s managing finances, employee schedules or client cases, our dedicated and knowledgeable team of solution consultants will work with you to find the perfect solutions bundle for your agency. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Learn how we can evaluate your agency’s needs and build a tailored solution that works for you. 

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