Vertex Quarterly Update

This quarter has kicked off in full swing, high energy and positive momentum for the entire team at Vertex. We are enjoying working with our customers more than ever and have some great updates to share! By working with our parent company, Dura Software, we have been able to take a deeper dive into our software for improvements, evaluate systems our team is using to manage their day-to-day operations and also drive greater marketing initiatives. 

We are excited to share new features, helpful resources, and recent updates with you in this quarterly newsletter. Read more to see what else we’ve been up to this year!

Initiatives That Launched This Quarter

  • Version 8.3.8 was officially released and rolling out! We are excited for this release and have made important changes and updates to many of our modules. Read our blog to dive into the details of this release. 

  • Nomenclature and rebranding of our product names. Our team evaluated our product/module names and took time to ensure simplified nomenclature so each party knows which module we are referring to. 
  • NPS release to gather more feedback from your teams. We have released both a bi-annual NPS survey and a post-support ticket survey so we can maximize on the feedback from our customers. Thank you in advance for your feedback to help us improve our service!
  • Ticket Tracking By Number. To better serve our customers, we have switched to a new ticketing system that allows you to track your ticket by ticket number. Each case that you open with our team will have a unique tracking number, making it easy for you to search for your requests.
  • Improved the ways your team can contact support. To ensure you can reach us as soon as possible, we have three different methods for you to contact our team. These include: phone, our support form on the Vertex website and our email address. Even when you are emailing your usual support rep, please include the support email as well so you’re always being taken care of!

Projects to Look Forward to

  • Business Central Upgrades. These updates are currently in-progress. Business Central  19 will be our offering for customers in the future. We are adjusting the look and feel update, web-based, improved functionality, aligns with new microsoft technology and structure
  • New release of Billing Manager. In this new release you will have the ability to import authorization for some States, enhanced reporting and analysis, invoice and line level.
  • Knowledge Base Release. Our new and improved knowledge base will be launching this year. This tool will feature articles, videos, step-by-step instructions and deep dives into all of our modules to help customers better utilize the tools. 

Industry Changes to Review

Our agency continues to evolve as new technologies are created, pandemic aftermath unfolds and the healthcare industry grows. A few changes to prepare for this year include: 

  • Classification of ASD in the DSM-5
  • Industry growth and fluctuation 
  • Changes post COVID-19
  • Supports Intensity Scale-Adult Version® (SIS-A®)
  • The 21st Century Cures Act

To learn more about these industry adjustments, read one of our latest blogs – Changes in the IDD industry. 

Our team is excited about the progress we have made so far this year and the roadmap to where we are headed is even more important! Stay up to date with our team by following us on LinkedIn or subscribing to our quarterly newsletter. 

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