Why Customer Service is Critical in the IDD Industry

Customer service team providing excellent assistance to IDD agencies

With any business, the way it serves its customers either motivates or deters potential clients from working with the business. The same is true for agencies that serve individuals in the Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) community.

Although there are many vendors available that offer products to streamline your agency, a determining factor when selecting a new vendor is the customer service they provide. Does their team include expert and knowledgeable staff? Are they available when you actually have questions? Are they friendly and willing to explain or train on the phone? Most importantly, do they know the IDD industry?

Mindful Customer Service is a Game-Changer

A great customer service team is committed to helping your employees with their unique goals. From the first day of implementation, to configuring the system to meet your critical needs, to training your staff and supporting them after everything is in place, customer service is the linchpin to move your team forward with new technology. 

Initially, the change from a paper-based system to a digital platform can be a frightening process for some of your employees. Staff members are familiar with your daily record keeping forms and may have used them for years. To calm any possible concerns regarding the change, an expert customer service team understands, even anticipates, possible staff apprehension. The team also looks for ways to reinforce how the new technology delivers greater value. In fact, a knowledgeable customer service team designs the transition to a new digital platform to be quick, easy, and employee-friendly.

How Customer Service Delivers Value

Most likely you remember real-world examples of valuable customer service and maybe a few examples where you wish the service would have been better. In the IDD industry, the customer service teams you rely on need to understand the goals your agency is working to attain, the clients you serve, and other industry-specific issues or questions. Here are a few examples of how an attentive customer service team delivers great value:

  • If your state Medicaid department decides to change the way a service is billed, your billing person might be unsure how to make the change. A quick call to your vendor’s customer service team, that is also well-versed in understanding the needs of IDD agencies, provides direction and concrete answers. Your billing proceeds unhindered.  
  • Let’s say you’re adding a new staff member. A value-add customer service team provides training videos and end-user documentation created especially with your users in mind.  
  • Your team may need help adjusting period payroll because a prevailing wage change was missed. Once again, the value of a customer service team that understands the IDD industry cannot be underestimated. A quick call to a team of experts can get your payroll back on track and compliant.

Vertex Customer Service – Dedicated IDD Industry Experts

The customer support team at Vertex, known as the Professional Services Team, works only within the IDD industry. Our team members are knowledgeable and patient, and they help you leverage Vertex products to their full potential. The team is dedicated to understanding the challenges your industry faces day in and day out, and is always looking for new ways to assist you with helping those you serve.

Contact Vertex today to learn the benefits of the Vertex System and the Vertex Team. Vertex knows the IDD industry and how to serve your team well. 

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