Maximizing Vertex Systems’ Case Manager: Adding Locations, Programs, & More

If you’re an IDD agency looking for a case management software that makes creating and managing locations, programs, and client data easy, look no further than Vertex Systems’ Case Manager. In the first blog of this series, we discussed the process of adding new users. In the second part of this 3-part blog post, we’ll show you how to add locations, set up programs, and add programs within our system. With these features in place, you’ll be able to keep track of your clients’ progress with ease and maintain accurate records for your agency.

Adding Locations in Case Manager

Adding locations within Vertex’s Case Manager is a simple process. To clarify, service locations are where services are rendered, This can include service centers as well as residential locations. To add these locations, from the Menu at the top of the page, select “Scheduling” then “Locations.” Then, to create the new locations, select “New” in the upper left-hand corner. The upper portion of the page should contain fields for you to enter the location name and address.

From there, scrolling to the lower portion of the page should display options for you to select the location type, and if it requires Electronic Visit Verification (EVV). Users should ensure that they enter an “Active Date” as the date this location began offering services.. Once finished updating this information, simply click save and close.

Setting Up & Adding Programs in Case Manager

Like adding locations, adding programs and setting them up within Vertex’s Case Manager is a straightforward process. Programs are essentially what your clients attend throughout the day, and they are very similar to services. For example, an agency provides group and individual Day Hab programs. Depending on what you need, you can combine these services within the reports feature to reflect the type of services provided. To make reporting even more streamlined, you can combine support employment individuals with supported employment groups under the program heading Supported Employment.

When it comes to adding programs, Case Manager merely requires a few steps. Proceed to the Scheduling menu at the topic of the page then select “Programs” > “+ New.” While each program requires a name, they do not require a manager. However, you will want to ensure that the default enrollment status is set as “Active” and “Completed” for the “Default un-enrollment” status. As always, once finished simply click save and close.

Maximizing Case Manager for Your IDD Agency

 IDD agencies can feel confident in their ability to manage client data with Vertex’s Case Manager feature. The intuitive and user-friendly design of the platform makes adding new locations, programs, and data easy and straightforward. With Vertex’s support team always available for assistance, you can be sure that your agency will continue to deliver great care. Contact us today to learn more about Case Manager’s capabilities or read part 1 of our blog series. 

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